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‘He Was Definitely Super Overprotective’: Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique Talks About What It’s Like to Have T.I. as a Father

Clifford “T.I.” Joseph Harris Jr.’s stepdaughter, Zonnique Pullins, is keeping it real about what it means to grow up as a young woman in the Harris household.

The 24-year-old daughter of Tameka “Tiny” Harris recently dished about what life in the household of the “King of the South” was like for her and how he’s absolutely as much of a helicopter parent as he seems. “Now that I’m a little older it’s gotten a little better for me. But he is definitely super overprotective,” she told Hollywood Life in a recent interview. “I just hope that Heiress doesn’t get it is as bad as me and Deyjah. I always think that, like, Heiress is going to have it the worst.”

T.I. and Zonnique Pullins. (Photo: @troubleman/Instagram)

While the singer and reality star may not be Atlanta-based rapper’s biological daughter, Zonnique says that she and her sisters were all treated the same. The boys, on the other hand, were a different situation, in her opinion. “Since we were all younger he’s always been super protective over the girls. And it always seemed like the boys could just do whatever,” she revealed.

“My mom will always argue, like, you don’t care that the boys go on dates, you let their girlfriends come over,” she continued. “You know, we meet their girlfriends, it’s all cool, it’s like a regular thing. But you know, if I’m in a relationship and I bring my boyfriend over, the whole family has to talk to him. He has to go outside with pops and have these hour-long conversations.”

Fans are anticipating seeing the drama with Zonnique’s younger stepsister Deyjah play out during this season of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle.” Although T.I.’s controversial comments were made in November 2019, fans are still sharing their mixed feelings about the situation on Zonnique’s show promos posted on her Instagram.

“Luvvvvvv what tip do as a father!!!! 💪🏽🙌🏽❤️,” complimented a follower. “If most of ya get ya head out ya ass! Understand he’s involved! N the rate of pregnancy and std! And etc! That’s why y’all going in head 1st tryna put a Fire out! #Blk Father’s matter!”

“Yah daddy ain’t all the way there mentally,” wrote another.

“I love how TI protects his daughter. He just trying to prevent her from having a huge body count before 25 thats all,” a third said.

“Poor dahja 😱😱,” sympathized a fourth. “Me and him would of been fighting.”

T.I. and Tiny family
Tiny Harris posted this pic of their family (clockwise from top left) Messiah Harris, Domani Harris, T.I., Tiny, Zonnique Pullins, Deyjah Harris, Major Harris, Heiress Harris, and King Harris and to promote their VH1 show “T.I.& Tiny: The Family Hustle.” (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

The new season of the reality TV series, which centers on the Harris family and a few of their famous friends, will give viewers a firsthand look at the fallout resulting from T.I.’s now-infamous comments about attending oldest daughter Deyjah’s gynecologist appointments with her.

Harris family matriarch Tiny believes that it’s better for people to get the story straight from the source, which is why the cameras continued to roll throughout the drama. “If it’s a story that’s going around the world, I feel like it’s better for us to show it and let you hear it, see it from us, than someone else give it to you. … I would prefer you to get it from us,” the songwriter stated earlier this month during an interview with ET. “This is something that’s our issue, about us, and they should know it from us.”

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