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‘Baby Fine’: Ashanti’s Hand-Washing Regime Derails After Fans Get Distracted By Her Beauty

It’s safe to say Ashanti’s beauty is undeniable.

The “Happy” singer recently partnered up with Hip Hop Public Health and posted an Instagram Boomerang of how she washes her hands for 20 seconds or more to help avoid COVID-19. The three-second clip shared to her page on Wednesday, April 15, showed the singer dressed in an oversized black T-shirt as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror washing her hands with soap.

Ashanti @ashanti/Instagram

“Happy to be a part of the 20 seconds or more initiative,” Ashanti wrote. “Let’s continue to wash our hands for 20 seconds or more!!!!! and be safe! ❤️ #letsbeatcovid19 @hhphorg Dr. Olajide Williams @therealdougefresh”

Her fans, however, became easily distracted by her striking beauty.

“Get it her done beautiful. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾🙏🏾 Let’s Make a baby”

“@ashanti you feeling that scrub tho 😂 inspired. But you look ole so fine when doing it”

“Hey what’s up gir looking good 😮 you go lady🔥❤️”

“you’re so f****** sexy even washing your hands👍😍❤️❤️ I swear it is ridiculous

“😍😍Luv u boo.How did nelly fuck up with that is he hig or stupid or just both.”

I love her like crazy she is everything that’s beyond wifey ❤️😘 She da best🔥🔥💯”

“Baby fine even washing her hands 💋💋#wcw always”

When it comes to taking better care of health, Ashanti is on it.

“If I want to maintain longevity with traveling and being on stage, I have to take care of my body,” the 39-year-old crooner told Parade in April 2019.

Los Angeles, Calif. – May 2: Ashanti attends VH1’s Annual “Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Mom” at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on May 2, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

One way Ashanti takes care of her body is through a rigorous fitness routine. She told the publication that she works out with her fitness trainer five days out of the week.

“When I’m home in NYC, I have a trainer, Raheem. We do weight training, cardio, running. I’m kind of a tomboy and I’m very competitive so I never want him to beat me,” she said. “I try to get four to five days in a week with my trainer. When I know I’m going for something specific, like preparing for a role, I try to definitely make it five. When I knew I was going down to Trinidad for carnival, for example, we had like two months.”

Ashanti @ashanti/Instagram

Ashanti also believes in a healthy diet. She’s not only pescatarian, but she also drinks a lot of green juices. Every now and then, she said, she has a cheat day.

“Cheat day is like pizza, cake, potatoes. It’s a little bit of everything … definitely some carbs,” she said. “If we go out to dinner or something, I might have the garlic bread. Oh my gosh, or the lobster mac and cheese!”

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