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‘The Baby Is Grown Up’: Fans Fawn Over Singer Fantasia’s Now Grown-Up Daughter

Where has the time gone is the question fans of “American Idol” winner Fantasia are left with after having to do a double-take at her now 18-year-old daughter Zion Barrino.

For those who have followed the vocal powerhouse’s career for the last decade, it can easily seem as though the North Carolina native just got her big break to make a better life for her and her pint-sized daughter. But the reality is that more than a decade has passed, and that little girl has grown up without the constant glare of cameras snapping her every move.

Fans fawn over Fantasia’s daughter Zion Barrino. (Photo: @tasiaworld/Instagram)

Furthermore making it that much more shocking that she is now a young lady.

“Hold up! That’s Zion! She’s beautiful! Look how big she is!,” wrote a person left in shock by Barrino’s appearance.

“”Your mini-me, she’s gong to be 19 in a few months, time flies”

“She’s beautiful 😍 like her mother!”

As detailed in her lifetime movie, “Life Is Not A Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story,” at the young age of 16 the singer became pregnant by her then boyfriend Brandel Shouse.

Fantasia’s 18-year-old daughter has her mother’s fans shook at how much she has grown.(Photo: @taisaworld/Instagram)

Another person wrote, “GET OUT!!! THIS IS NOT YOUR BABY!!!”

“Wow she has really gotten big she’s beautiful”

“Wow she got big” and “Wow the baby is grown up,” read other comments.

Fans taking a deep dive through the singer’s social will be hard pressed to find photos of the mother-daughter duo. Though the “When I See You” singer has openly spoken about her children being the loves of her life, she has made it a point not to post many photos of her personal life, including ones of her children.

In August 2011 the then 26-year-old revealed she was expecting her second child with then ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook.

“You are the first persons that I share this news with. And I share this with you because I can relate to you. For a while I walked around thinking, ‘What will they say? What will they think about me?’ But now I tell you, I don’t live my life for folk. So, this child that I carry … God has given me this child, and I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all!” said Barrino.

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