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‘You Sound Dumb’: Tammy Rivera Goes Full Tammy Wynette, Blasts Fan Who Accuses Waka of Not Loving Her After His Infidelities

It looks like Tammy Rivera has had enough of people criticizing her and Waka Flocka‘s marriage.

Rivera and the “Hard In Da Paint” rapper have opened up about their past marital woes, including Waka cheating on her with other women. Although they seemingly moved past the ordeal years ago, folks continue to bring it up.

On We TV’s official Instagram page on Saturday, April 4, the network posted a general photo of Waka giving his wife a kiss on the cheek after appearing on their reality show “What the Flocka.” The network told viewers to “caption” the image.

Tammy Rivera
Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera. @wetv/Instagram.

When one fan remarked about how much he/she loved the couple’s relationship and happy they looked, a naysayer brought up Waka’s past cheating and claimed he didn’t love Rivera.

“It’s sad that so many of you don’t know what true love is,” the person wrote. “When a person love’s someone they don’t cheat period.”

Tammy Rivera
Tammy responds to fan who brings up Waka’s past cheating. @wetv/Instagram.

Rivera caught wind of the critic’s remarks and fired back, “soo my husband don’t love me because he cheated on the past?? You sound dumb! He was a man on many mistakes and no doubt what he did was wrong and he has paid for it in his own way! But people change and his past transgressions doesn’t take away the love he has for me or our family.”

Fans of Rivera agreed with her statement and backed her up.

“Tell her ass Tammy! Stand by your husband baby.. That’s what real love is.. Going through the fire and coming out stronger than ever.. #blacklove”

“It’s always the miserable females commenting ugh. Love y’all Tammy!”

“Yall worked it out that’s why it’s called thru thick and thin til death do you part. People talking sh-t prolly a side chic or dont even have a man. Shake dem hataz and yall keep loving each other ❤️”

Last week, Waka did make some controversial comments about cheating on his wife.

He claimed his past infidelites made Rivera a stronger person, saying, “She had no idea what she was up against. It could have made her or broke her…it made her even better than what I thought. I helped her.”

Tammy Rivera
Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka at the premiere for “WE TV hosts Hip Hop Thursdays” at Nightingale on Jan. 9, 2019, in West Hollywood, California. (Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Rivera, however, disagreed with her husband and said, “Cheating didn’t make me stronger. Beating his a– made me stronger.”

The twosome have been married for almost six years. They don’t share any children together except for Rivera’s teenage daughter from a past relationship, whom Waka considers his own child.

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