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‘It’s Daunting’: Gayle King Opens Up About Being Single Amid COVID-19

Gayle King appears to be feeling a little lonely these days. The “CBS This Morning” talk show host opened up about the challenges she is facing throughout her new shelter-in-place life. The 65-year-old television personality confessed she has had a difficult time being single during the pandemic.

Gayle King
“CBS This Morning” anchor Gayle King attends a special screening of “Black Panther” in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

In an interview with Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight, King shared how generally she’s fine living the single life, but these days have proved a bit challenging.”I’ve been single for a long time. It’s never bothered me being single because I have such a full life and I get to do a lot of great things. I have many friends and go to a lot of cool things,” she said.

The author of “Note to Self: Inspiring Words From Other People” shared she has been talking to herself in the hopes of hearing another person’s voice in the house. “The other day, I walked by the mirror and said, ‘Hi Gayle, how ya doing?’ Just so I could hear another human voice. So it is, I have to say, a little daunting.”

King stressed that having a partner may not actually be the solution to her problem, after all. She suggested that couples who are living together might be fighting to maintain their relationship. “It either breaks you apart or it brings you closer together,” she said. The Maryland native, however, chooses to believe relationships are coming together for the better and not the worse.

In addition to being alone, King revealed the hardest part of her self-isolation period is not being able to see her two children or best friend, Oprah Winfrey. She admitted that she and Winfrey are very afraid because they are not sure when the pandemic will officially come to an end.

King expressed how ecstatic she will be when the outbreak comes to a halt, and went on to say she believes some good things will come out of the world despite the pain people are feeling now. “I see it as a possibility, as a chance for a major reset for humanity and planet. I really do believe this. I would like to think something good is gonna come out of all of this pain,” she said.

“I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how it is or where it is, but I can’t believe it’s just gonna be this, this bleak and this dark. I refuse to believe that,” she added.

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