‘Trippin’: Vince Staples Responds to Black Men Being Fetishized by White Woman on Video

Rapper and actor Vince Staples responded to a white woman who went on about how much she adores black men. Others also weighed in on the clip and called it disturbing. Some accused the woman of fetishizing and stereotyping black men.

The TikTok video posted to Twitter on Sunday, April 5. Backlash immediately followed.

Vince Staples responded to a white woman who fetishized black men. (Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“For all you chocolate men out there, who said it was okay to be that fine? That athletic? That sexy? So sweet,” the woman asked. “Wonderful personalities. Strong. Tough. Your lips. Your kisses and your hugs just hit different. Not too light, don’t like them too dark. I like them just right.”

The woman then said that her father is okay with her dating black men, and they always give her “butterflies.”

“I can’t wait to find mine,” she added. “People are always like, ‘You look so innocent, you’re so sweet, innocent.’ So I love them.”

Staples responded to the video on the same day it made the internet rounds.

“Porzingis trippin,” he tweeted, calling the woman Kristaps Porzingis, who plays for the Dallas Mavericks.

Others said more and took the woman to task.

“It sounds like she’s looking for a slave,” someone wrote.

“Yo on the real what goes through someone’s head as they sit there on camera saying this, find images to put in the video, rewatch the whole video and then say yea this it and tweet it?” another person asked.

“So where’s the correlation with innocence and liking black men? “a third comment read.

Meanwhile, someone else wrote, “I’m going to bleach my skin so she won’t come for me. I’m good.”

“This was the whole point of the movie ‘Get Out,’ ” another person tweeted.


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