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‘Awkward’: Tracy Morgan Criticized for Talking About Sex Life on ‘Today’ Show, Goes Viral

Tracy Morgan‘s name was all over the internet on Tuesday, April 7, after he had an interview on the “Today” show that many called awkward.

Morgan was there to promote the third season of his TBS show “The Last O.G.” But before he talked about the series, Hoda Kotb asked what life was like for him and his family while they’re self-isolating.

Some are blasting Tracy Morgan after he spoke about his sex life during a “Today” show interview. (Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“Oh, well, me and my wife been quarantining it for, like, three weeks, so she’s pregnant three times,” answered Morgan. “Every week she got pregnant. So we also, we’re role-playing a lot now.”

“She’s playing the young maiden whose grandfather was infected with coronavirus, and I’m the scientist who discovered the cure,” he added. “And she’d do anything to save her grandfather’s life, and I mean anything.”

The reactions to the interview were split. Some said Morgan was completely wrong for talking about his sex life on an early morning show. Others called the comedian crass and accused him of making Kotb feel uncomfortable.

But on the opposite side, many said Morgan was being consistent with who he’s always been in the public eye, and the producers of the show should’ve known that.

There were also some who said it wasn’t Morgan who made the interview awkward, it was Kotb.

“Worst interview yet,” someone tweeted. “Really? Families home and this is what you pump out at breakfast time?”

“I hope Tracy’s manager or PR rep comes out with a statement that he was highly medicated during this interview #trainwreck,” read another comment.

“Koda is the awkward one…and I’m moving on!” wrote someone who disagreed.

Plus, someone else wrote, “Lol at people getting mad, they’ve obviously never seen a Tracy Morgan interview.”

Morgan hasn’t responded to the criticism yet. The third season of his show “The Last O.G.” premieres on April 7.

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