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‘Why She Fall Out With Everybody?’: Wendy Williams Blasts Nene Leakes On Her Talk Show And Fans Say The OG Housewife Can’t Keep A Friendship

Wendy Williams’ friendship with Nene Leakes appears to be going down the drain. Williams slammed the reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on the April 6 episode of her self-titled talk show. Williams revealed Leakes attempted to FaceTime her for a chat on her Instagram Live stream on the night of Friday, April 3. The former radio personality shared she felt ambushed by Leakes’ motives and now “RHOA” fans are waiting for Leakes to respond to the accusations.

Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes enjoying a girls’ night out @neneleakes/Instagram

The “Think Like A Man” actress revealed she was at home watching the 10 o’clock news when Leakes called her. “I said, ‘Hi Nene, why are you screaming? Why are we on speakerphone, your house is big enough? What’re you doing?’ She said, ‘Girl.’ I said, ‘Yes Nene, why are you talking so loud?’ She said, ‘I’m here with all my people, everybody tell Wendy hi,’ ” Williams explained on her show.

Williams implied that Leakes insisted on the pair recording their FaceTime conversation for Leakes’ Instagram Live stream. “I don’t have face or time for FaceTime. If I don’t do it with my own parents, or the show, why would I be doing it for someone over there? I like Nene, but she’s still an ‘over there’ person to me. I felt, honestly, here’s where the ambush came in,” she admitted.

Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes eating dinner.= @neneleakes/Instagram

Williams made her debut via telephone on the March 1 episode of “RHOA.” Leakes called Williams for advice, and Williams said she had no intention of her personal conversations being recorded on television ever again.

Williams revealed that Leakes was in full hair and makeup when she called her. The OG Housewife explained to Williams that she was filming and she wanted Williams to be on the speaker. “I said, ‘Nene, I did that for you one time.’ Remember my appearance? One time!” she said on her show.

Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams posing outside @neneleakes/Instagram

“I made it very clear, I am not a Housewife,” Williams explained. “Sorry, my career is a bit … different … than being a Housewife. I don’t need that kind of attention.”

The daytime talk show host vented to viewers about the sacrifices she made to achieve her A-List celebrity status. “Like, I know I make this look easy and I know I have my ratchet ways, but the fact is I worked 35 years of my life to sit here for 11 seasons.”

Williams ended her rant by saying, “It’s a full motion picture behind the scenes. I’m not slumming for being some add on out the suitcase for some Housewife. And yeah, for me, that is slumming. For where I am.”

The “Wendy’s Got The Heat” bestselling author shared she hung up on Leakes and has not talked to her since the incident. She implied Leakes should have called her privately if she wanted her to participate in her live stream.

Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes smiling @neneleakes/Instagram

The Swagg Boutique Owner shared in a now-deleted Instagram story that she would not be addressing her friendship with Williams over social media. Fans however, believe Leakes was the cause behind their broken friendship.

“I’m sorry but it seems like Nene really can’t get along with anyone for longer than a few months,” a user said.

“Why she fall out with EVERYBODY,” a second fan asked.

Williams resumed production on her daily talk show from her home on April 6. People can catch up with the episodes they miss by tuning in to her YouTube channel.

Wendy Williams slammed Nene Leakes. @TheWendyWilliamShow/YouTube

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