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‘We Use Lace Fronts, They’re F—–g Fire’: Ari Lennox Shares Positive Message With Fans After Snoop Dogg Suggests She Grow Her Own Hair Instead Of Rocking Wigs

With all her fans gathered around their phones and computer screens, singer Ari Lennox put on a show while attempting to slay a lace front wig with edges that would not let her be great.

While the Instagram Live was fun and games, and maybe a little bit of a serious attempt for Lennox, fans only saw one issue: The fact that Lennox does not own a blow dryer. An essential part in laying the edges of a lace front wig, according to the comments that flooded the video.

Ari Lennox tries her best to lay the edges of a lace front wig in front of fans on Instagram Live. (Photo: @arilennox/Instagram)

Yet once the video circulated social media and ended up on several blogs, a particular someone jumped in with a comment of his own. Enter Snoop Dogg. The Long Beach native had one thing on his mind after viewing the “Shea Butter Baby” singer’s hair woes: “Grow you own hair what happened to those days”

Fans of the 29-year-old jumped to her defense, noting, “Sis been wearing her natural hair for the longest. Snoop needs to take several seats.”

Along with, “Stay out of women’s business.”

“Y’all constantly come for black women no matter how they style their hair. Just back tf off d–n.”

Lennox, who took full note of the rapper’s comment, coyly responded with a since-deleted pic of Snoop in whiteface and a blonde wig for his social media character Todd.

Ari Lennox takes a subtle jab at Snoop Dogg after the rapper chimed in on her use of lace front wigs. @arilennox/Instagram

She captioned the photo, “Uncle I just…I just thought we had an understanding…”

After having some fun of her own and witnessing folks on social spin a web of tales about her alleged support of the rapper in the past, she had one last message to share.

During yet another live chat, Lennox made sure to remind Black women that they are the bomb regardless of how they rock their hair.

“Black women are the s–t we’re f—–g amazing, gorgeous beings and I think it’s amazing the versatility that we possess. And I think it’s pretty telling because there are so many cultures and just different ethnicities that are inspired by us, and I think it’s really dope that we use lace fronts for just causally, and they’re f—–g fire.”

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