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‘Just Wow’: Spike Lee Gifts Fans With a Free Script to a Jackie Robinson Film He Wrote, People Are Thrilled

Spike Lee gave his fans a gift that they seem really excited about. It’s a script that Lee wrote for a film on Jackie Robinson, which he said will never get made.

The director took to Instagram TV on Sunday, March 29, to explain that he shared the script after mulling over a few things while self-quarantining because of the virus outbreak.

Spike Lee released a script that he wrote for a film based on Jackie Robinson. (Photo: Toni Anne Barson/WireImage via Getty Images)

“I hope you are safe at home,” said Lee. “We’ve all had a lot of time to think about stuff, our life, what happened, what didn’t happen, and I began to think about one of my dream projects. I wrote a script for Jackie Robinson. I wanted Denzel [Washington] to play Jackie, but Denzel said he was too old.”

“Hope you enjoy it,” he added. “If you don’t, that’s alright too. It’s never getting made, but I wanted to share this script with you.”

Lee also said that he pulled the script from his personal vault, and it’s the fifth draft, written in 1996.

People were certainly thrilled about getting access to the script, and they thanked Lee a bunch.

There were some who said they appreciated having something to read while they’re self-quarantining. Plus, one person said she’ll use the script to become a better screenwriter, and another, seemingly a screenwriting teacher, said she’ll use it in a lesson.

“Dang I was reading and visualizing every scene. Yo this movie would be a hit. I highly suggest that you make it. Plus it’s the “dodgers” ⚾️💙,” one person wrote.

“Wow! Just wow!” wrote another. “Each one teach one is real. I just started screenwriting and I appreciate this access. Thank you for all that you’ve done and do! 💐”

“Will assign for my Playwriting/Screenwriting class. Thank you for sharing,” the teacher stated.

In 1950, “The Jackie Robinson Story” was released in theaters, which starred Robinson himself and was directed by Alfred E. Green. Chadwick Boseman played Robinson in the 2013 movie “42,” directed by Brian Helgeland.

Lee’s script can be read here.

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