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‘Joe I Know You Lurkin’: Cyn Santana’s Sexy Lingerie Post Derails When Fans Mention Joe Budden in the Comments

Joe Budden’s name came up after his ex and mother of his child Cyn Santana posted a risqué photo of herself.

She shared the picture to Instagram on Thursday, March 26, and it shows her in a red bra-and-panties set, plus knee-high red tights.


Over 114,000 people liked the photo in the first 20 hours that it was on Instagram, and 1,350 comments were left.

“Sweetheart, soft heart with lion hearted words 🌹,” Santana captioned the photo.

Budden’s name came up in a variety of ways. Some said they were shocked that he didn’t try harder to stay with Santana, others said he probably stalks her Instagram page looking for sexy photos. There were also people who told him he should communicate with his ex as soon as possible.

“@joebudden cant believe you let her go 😩😩😩😩,” one of the comments read.

“Joe I know you lurkin,” wrote someone else.

“You look like you done left @joebudden 🤣,” one person told Santana.

“Get ya BM ❤️❤️❤️she acting up 💯😍🙌,” someone advised Budden.

On top of that, there were people who didn’t mention Budden at all and just commented on Santana.

Some proposed to her in the comments section, the word “beautiful” was used repeatedly, and there definitely wasn’t a shortage of messages concerning her figure.

“What a body 😍😘,” someone stated.

“She said she had a hard time adjusting to her new body. But it looks good to me and I’m a girl 😍,” wrote one of Santana’s followers.

Joe Budden
Lexington Budden, Cyn Santana and Joe Budden. @cynsantana/Instagram

Budden and Santana ended their engagement last year after Budden was allegedly caught having pictures of naked women in his phone.

Earlier this month, on an episode of “Love and Hip Hop: New York,” Santana asked where their relationship was heading, since they’ve spent a good deal of time together after splitting.

“I don’t feel like you doing anything to get me or your family back,” she told Budden.

Moments before, Budden had told the camera that he wasn’t ready to get back with his ex and doing so would be “unrealistic.”

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