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‘Pressed’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Drag ‘Petty’ Donna for Trying to Pick a Fight with Miss Kitty

It seems “Black Ink Crew” viewers are over Donna Lombardi trying to stir the pot with her co-star Miss Kitty.

After Kit left New York to move to Chicago last season, things between her and her old crew have been tense. For those who don’t remember, Ceaser Emanuel, the boss of Black Ink and Kitt’s former lover, terminated the brand ambassador after a rumor floated around that she was sexually involved with 9MAG owner Ryan Henry. Henry was a supposed friend of Emanuel’s and an ally in the tattoo industry.

Donna Lombardi
Donna Lombardi (left) and Miss Kitty (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

A lot of the New York cast members had plenty to say about Kitty’s drama with Henry and Emanuel, especially Lombardi. The Black Ink apprentice tattoo artist claimed Kitty had lied about not sleeping with Henry and suggested Kit had backstabbed Emanuel. Lombardi and Kitty even got into a social media feud off air in December, where Lombardi called her former bestie “fake” and also threatened to beat her up on sight.

In the March 25 “Black Ink Crew” episode, Lombardi and her co star Tati both ran into Kit and Henry at the Philadelphia tattoo convention. In the middle of Kitty talking to a client, Lombardi interrupted and yelled, “So, Kitty, you just gon’ stand there and act like you don’t see us?”

Kitty responded, “Didn’t you tell me you were going to beat my ass the last time you seen me?”

Lombardi and Kitty continued to exchange words, with Lombardi accusing Kitty of leaving New York to “f–k” Henry. The former Black Ink brand ambassador suggested that Lombardi had “nothing better to do” than to pick a fight with her.

“This is why I left New York,” Kitty said in her confessional. “I left Black Ink for a reason, but it just seems to keep on following me.”

Henry eventually broke up Lombardi’s argument with Kitty. Lombardi’s last word to Kit was “beware.”

Black Ink” viewers felt Lombardi was wrong for creating drama with Kitty and slammed her online for it.

“Donna you so miserable you fake a– b–ch go hit the gym and get that toof replaced jealousy is so unattractive just like YOU. Stop picking with Kit that was childish and unnecessary 🙄”

“Why are they so mad at kitty tho?? They dogged her out and still expect her to be loyal? Bye”

“Why the ghetto so pressed about kitty and Ryan situation? Donna need to direct her energy while she f—ing up people tattoos.”

“Donna and Tati looked so thirsty waiting to pick a fight with kitty 🙄 black ink New York is so tacky. I love how Tati was so quiet and fake”

“One word….. Pressed. It’s nothing wrong with people not wanting to be your friend keep it moving 🙄 kitt is they storyline smh”

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