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‘Lupus Is No Joke’: Toni Braxton Fans Shut Down Internet Trolls After They Blast Her For Showing Off Louis Vuitton Face Mask

Toni Braxton is taking extreme safety precautions in wake of the coronavirus. The “living legend” rocked a Louis Vuitton face mask in the hopes of protecting her mouth and nose from the highly contagious disease that appears to be rapidly spreading around.

The “Un-Break-My-Heart” hit maker went to Instagram and showed off her designer mask. She told fans, “Oh…you think I’m playin?” The R&B artist was still glamorous while rocking her protective gear. She sported a pair of black lash extensions to enhance her eyes, with her long black hair flowing down her back.

Toni Braxton protecting herself from the coronavirus with her designer face mask. @tonibraxton/Instagram

A few fans blasted the singer for using designer wear to protect her from catching the epidemic.

“That mask will not help you. You need one with a seal on your face and filters. I don’t want to see you get sick or fall into a false sense of security. God be with us all.πŸ’•,” said a fan.

“That mask ain’t protecting a SOUL!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, a second user joked.

A third fan gave his two cents by saying, “They said don’t wear masks. You can contaminate the mask and the best thing is washing your hands. The mask can only cause more germs.”

However, some of Braxton’s fans were not here for people attacking the “Braxton Family Values” reality star. People took to social media to defend the singer for protecting herself with her designer wear because they’re aware she’s battled the autoimmune disease lupus for some time now.

“I understand, Lupus is no joke,” a fourth user said to Braxton.

A fifth fan commented, “Hush, she has to protect her immune system πŸ’•.”

“You should and have to be very careful with your system! Stay safe! God bless,” a sixth user cheered.

Toni Braxton performing on her “As Long As I Live” Tour @tonibraxton/Instagram

Braxton was diagnosed with lupus in 2008. The singer revealed to fans in her memoir, “Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir,” that her uncle died from the disease. She went on to explain that having lupus is similar to having the flu every day. Braxton deals with her flareups day by day and when she is not feeling well β€” as she has told fans β€” she likes to rest.

In spite of her disease, the star continues to light up the world by performing her songs on tour. She recently wrapped her “As Long As I Live Tour” in 2019.

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