‘Always Been The Truth’: Big Boi’s Photo of Andre 3000 Sends a Bold Message As ‘The Rona’ Continues to Cause Casualties Across the Globe

East Atlanta’s legendary rap group Outkast — comprised of Big Boi and Andre 3000 — have long been revered as ahead of their time when it comes to their lyrics, videos and style. And although nearly two decades have passed since the release of their last joint studio album “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below” and just six years since their Outkast reunion tour, their threads … more specifically ‘Three Stacks’ iconic jumpsuits continue to permeate history and current times.

While the world is rattled by the coronavirus pandemic, Big Boi took to the ‘Gram to post a bold message in the form of a photo of Andre 3000 rocking a black jumpsuit with “Ok, hand over the cure and stop playing” written in white across the front.

Big Boi posts throwback photo of Andre 3000 sending a strong message amid coronavirus pandemic (Photo: @bigboi/Instagram)

Folks on social who felt the message that needed no caption flocked to the comments.

“Outkast has always been the truth” and “3000 years ahead, already suited,” wrote two different people.

“If ever there was a fitting time” and “Will forever be relevant,” commented others.

Even Dre’s former lady Erykah Badu reposted the photo along with the caption, “That’s what he said.” Badu and Three Stacks share an adult son named Seven, who is his father’s twin.

During the reunion concert the “Prototype” rapper and sometimes singer rocked an array of black jumpsuits that each had a different message written across the front.

From ‘narcissist american,’ ‘can one rest in peace and violence,’ and ‘I don’t know what else to say,’ each of the 48 jumpsuits left the onlooker with something to ponder.

The self-proclaimed insecure rapper’s wearable art even found itself on exhibit at Miami’s Art Basel.

“This whole thing was about saying these little things, little stupid stuff because I thought someone at home was thinking the same thing,” explained the rapper of his jumpsuits.

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