‘That’s DNA for That A$$!!!!’: Fans React to Will and Jayden Smith’s ‘Like Son, Like Father’ Pic

“Now this is a story about about how my life got flipped, turned upside down” is about all people can wrap their minds around when taking note of not only the resemblance shared between father-son duo Will Smith and Jaden Smith, but also their artistic expressions.

The 21-year-old was photographed wearing a tie-dye denim outfit while inside his sister Willow Smith’s “The Anxiety” art exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles on March 11. With the background walls covered in graffiti and his undeniable Smith genes, his father couldn’t help but be reminded of his younger self.

Will Smith’s “Like son, like father” collage of himself and son Jayden Smith has fans doing a double take. (Photos: @willsmith/Instagram)

The “Bad Boys” star posted his son’s pic along with one of himself from the video of his 1988 hit “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” From the eclectic fashion choice and the similarly graffitied walls to the undeniable Smith ears, it was almost like looking at the same person, just decades apart.

Smith captioned the photos “Like son, like father.”

“That’s DNA for that a$$!!!! I told you bottle that ISH up dude!!😂😂😂,” read one of the many comments.

“Y’all are twins,” and “Spitting image😂” read others posted by different people.

Although one fan of the actor didn’t knock the resemblance, they did, however, make sure to note “No one like the MASTER.”

“Awwwwwww my heart is melting”

“Crazy to see it come full circle like this”

Smith and his youngest son — he also has 27-year-old son Trey Smith from his previous marriage to Sheree Zampino — not only share looks and a love for music, but also the acting bug.

The “Icon Living” rapper first starred alongside his father in the critically acclaimed “The Pursuit of Happyness” in 2006. The pair teamed up nearly a decade later for the less critically acclaimed film “After Earth.

“My son was involved in ‘After Earth,’ and I led him into it. That was excruciating,” explained Smith of the disappointment he experienced when the movie flopped at the box office.

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