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‘Sutton Is Not Having It’: Angela Simmons TikTok Video Derails When Her Son Doesn’t Want to Participate

Health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus have resulted in people working from home, schools closing down, and parents left to keep their children occupied through the novel crisis. 

“Growing Up Hip Hop” reality star Angela Simmons is no exception. Simmons uploaded a video of herself creating a TikTok with her 3-year-old son Sutton Joseph Tennyson. 

The 32-year-old could be seen dancing and playing with Sutton’s giraffe, which he didn’t enjoy. The toddler snatched the giraffe from his mother and threw it to the side. 

Reality star Angela Simmons and her 3-year-old son Sutton Joseph Tennyson after a day of fun at Disneyland.

“Can’t leave us indoors lol 😂 told me I couldn’t use his giraffe and he meant it 😫😂 Hahahaha my mini mean bestie haha follow my @tiktok: angelareneesimmons1,” Simmons captioned the video. 

Fans found Sutton’s reaction to Simmons hilarious, and so did Simmons, judging by her response to Sutton snatching his giraffe from her. 

“😂😂 He snatched that Giraffe like ‘TF I told her don’t touch my stuff!’ “

“He didn’t want to be part of that…😂.”

“Sutton is NOT having it 😂😂.”

“😂😂😂The he way snatched and threw it!”

“SJ say Helllll Nawlllll no Ratchetness today 🤣🤣🤣.” 

“No rhythm having a–,” rapper Bow Wow commented. 

This isn’t the first time Sutton has looked unamused by Simmons. On Feb. 23, after spending a day at Disneyland, Simmons uploaded photos of herself and her son at the theme park.

While Simmons is kissing Sutton, he scrunches his face from his mother’s kisses. 

“Mommy before anything 🥰 Kisses and hugs till the end .. swipe for his gimme kiss face 😂 Disneyland 2020 !! With the family today. So grateful,” Simmons captioned the gallery of photos. 

Fans of the reality star couldn’t help but notice Sutton’s facial expressions but gushed over the love Simmons has for her son. 

“He was not feeling mommy’s kisses at all, lol 😂😂.”

“😂😂😂🔥 Epic faces 😂😂💯.”

“Look at him! You show him so much love he’s already going through that big boy faze. “You’re embarrassing me, mom!” 🤣😂Classic. 👍🏾💯🖤.” 

“Looking at your posts, I realize you’re an awesome mom to your child 😍 😊.” 

“Mom and son goals 😩.”

“Adorable, you both are ❤️😍📯📯📯.” 

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