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‘The Goats’: Russell Wilson Shares Video of Him and Ciara Boxing Together and Folks Love It

It’s safe to say fans are “hooked” and loving a video Russell Wilson posted that shows him and his wife Ciara boxing together.

The clip that posted to Instagram Wednesday, March 4 shows the couple training as if they had a fight against a dangerous opponent coming up.

Russell Wilson (L) and Ciara (R) were seen boxing together on video, sparking a huge reaction. (Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Ciara is the first person to appear in the video, and she can be seen punching the heavy bag by jabbing with one hand and landing a harder blow with the other.

Wilson is seen next to his wife afterward, and he too punches the heavy bag and uses the same punch combination.

Some might say that Wilson looks like he’s boxed before based on the way he moves, bounces and punches. He also displayed that same knack for the sport when a trainer had him punch a couple of focus mitts.

Wilson is once again seen bobbing up and down like a real boxer in that part of the clip, and he hits the mitts with good accuracy.

He then does some more punching when the trainer uses what looks like foam pool noodles. Wilson also throws more combinations when the man uses his hands as the focus point.

In the caption, Wilson let everyone know that he and Ciara were working out together, and that his wife is no slouch in the punching department.

“Training with my lady… @Ciara we will whoop dat… 🤣😂,” wrote Wilson. “🤪…also I think I may have let one go while swinging #GasMask 🤭🥴💪🏾🏆🥊 #KnockOut.”

The clip has been watched over 254,000 times, with nearly 700 comments included.

A lot of people said they love seeing the superstar couple work out together because they find it inspiring.

“That’s awesome 🔥❤️ a family building and getting stronger!!!🦾🤩,” wrote one Instagram user.

“😍 I love when couples train together,” someone else stated.

“The goats,” wrote another fan.

Some others said they were impressed by what Wilson and Ciara did in the video.

There was also one person who made the correlation between how hard Wilson punches and how far he throws a football.

Wilson is the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

“I see why he throw that m–a so far😂😂,” one of his followers wrote.

“Go 💪🏻Ciara Woman Power 💪🏻,” another person commented.

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