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‘That’s Not You Sis’: Alexis Skyy Says She Can’t Take Being So Famous, Gets Hammered on Social Media

Alexis Skyy got severely dragged after she posted a message about the difficulties of being famous.

The message and the comments left afterward surfaced on Tuesday, March 3, and Skyy detailed just what she dislikes about fame.

Alexis Skyy got clowned after she complained about being famous. (Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage via Getty Images)

“I swear y’all don’t understand how frustrating & annoying it is being known everywhere & famous,” she tweeted. “Of course, it has its perks & advantages!! but when nothing u say or do is private & everything is magnify for the worlds opinion & slander. It slowly takes a toll on you.”

In the comments, some said they empathize with Skyy, but there was a large number of people who found her post ridiculous — as they noted there are others who are far more famous and don’t voice their public complaints.

There were also some who said they don’t even consider Skyy to be famous.

“I could probably walk next to this chick and never know😂,” one person wrote.

“Honey, you’re not that famous,” wrote another. “I know damn well you can walk through New York like a regular person! Now doing the most? Bet you get noticed.”

“She not famous 😂😂😂 whew!! People let a few club appearances get to them!” read another comment.

Skyy tweeted another message about her problem with fame that same day and got roasted once again.

“Fame is really a Gift & a Curse!!” she wrote.

The comments underneath pretty much mirrored the ones left in response to Skyy’s previous message.

“But you’re not famous sis,” someone tweeted.

“That’s not you sis … you just a little popular,” another message read.

Others said they’d gladly swap places with Skyy and would love to be popular like she is.

“Give it to me s–t,” wrote one Twitter user.

“S–t I wish I was famous… but I don’t [know if] I’d be able to handle it,” another person wrote.

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