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White Man Threatens to Kill Black Wisconsin Police Officer: ‘You’re Black. I’m Superior to You.’

A Wisconsin police department wants a man charged with a hate crime after he allegedly threatened a Black police officer.

James Schultz, 44, was arrested on Feb. 24 after he caused a ruckus at a Best Western Hotel in Madison, reported Channel 3000. The man reportedly caused “multiple” disturbances at the establishment, which resulted in the police being called.

When they arrived, Schultz reportedly was still belligerent and made racist statements toward a Black officer. The officer told Schultz he would be cited for trespassing, and the suspect did not take it well.

Belligerent white man tells black police officer he’s ‘superior’ because he is a white man. (Photo: Dane County Sheriff’s Office)

“I’m white, you’re black. I’m superior to you, motherf—-r. … I’m going to kill you. … You can’t touch me,” he said, according to Madison Police spokesman Joel DeSpain.

Schultz was arrested and charged with battery, disorderly conduct and threatening a law enforcement officer. He reportedly made racist comments on his way to jail.

The police department wants a hate crime enhancer added to his charges.

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