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‘So You Gave Birth to Yourself’: Fans Mistake Draya Michele’s Baby Photos for Photos of Her Son

Fans mistakenly thought Draya Michele posted baby photos of her son instead of throwback baby pictures of herself.

The former “Basketball Wives” cast member gave birth to her son Jru Scandrick in 2016 with her ex-fiancé, free agent NFL player Orlando Scandrick.

The reality mogul posted the baby photos on her Instagram page with the caption, “Jru is my twin 🤷🏻‍♀️ … 80’s throwbacks.”

Draya Michele posts baby photos of herself. @drayamichele/Instagram

Fans flooded the reality star’s social media account with comments to explain how shocked they were that the pictures were photos of her instead of her son.

One fan said, “That second pic… geesh it’s like you gave birth to yourself.”

Another fan commented, “Omg I thought those were pics of him lol. #twins.”

“Wait. These are pics of you? I thought it was him😂,” said another fan.

A fourth fan said, “He gonna be FINE like his mommy😍😍😍.”

“So you gave birth to yourself,” said a fifth commenter.

Draya Michele laying next to her son Jru Scandrick @drayamichele/Instagram

Michele and Scandrick, began dating in 2013, but the couple has broken up and gotten engaged multiple times throughout the course of their relationship. Michele announced in a now-deleted Instagram story that she and Scandrick officially split around the Christmas season last year. She told fans she was single during the whole month of December and implied she has no interest in hearing what people have to say about her or her relationship with Scandrick.

The break-up seemingly appears to be final. Just a few weeks ago, the former couple exchanged words to each other via social media. In a now-deleted Twitter post, Michele said, “He got his homeboy driving my car, I can’t wait to see who’s gonna be wearing my watch.”

The former NFL star responded to the model in a now-deleted Instagram post by saying, “Learn to be Done! Not mad, not bothered, Just Done! Protect your Peace at ALL cost.”

Draya Michele with her ex-fiancé Orlando Scandrick @drayamichele/Instagram

The reality star has another son from a previous relationship while Scandrick has twin daughters outside of the relationship he shared with Michele.

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