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‘Pick Your Knees Up’: Alexis Skyy Puzzles Fans With Her Workout Video

Oftentimes when Alexis Skyy shares a photo or video of herself, it gets positive feedback. But things didn’t go that way when she shared a clip of herself working out.

Skyy posted the video on Tuesday, Feb. 18, and it shows her jogging on a treadmill in front of a large window. She can only be seen from the back in the clip, and at one point the camera zooms in on her derriere.

“Where the f–k is my trainer,” wrote Skyy next to the video that’s been viewed over 456,000 times.

She got roasted in the comments section afterward, with some expressing confusion about the post, others saying they think it’s hilarious, and some telling Skyy that her running technique looks strange.

“Are [you] running goofy on purpose? LOL I HOPE SO 😂😂😂,” one person wrote.

“This is the fakest run I have ever seen!😂😂😂😂 I am Holleringgggg,” another person commented.

While another person wrote, “Take this down Puddin.”

But there were other people who seemed to like the video and used it as an opportunity to flirt with Skyy.

For example, a large number of men — possibly thinking they were being original — answered the question Skyy wrote about her trainer.

A bunch of people either wrote “Right here” or “On my way” in the comments.

There were even some who showed concern over the way Skyy is running in the video, and they gave her tips so she wouldn’t injure herself.

“Pick Your Knees Up. You Gonna Hurt Them Sis 😫,” someone advised.

There were also people who told Skyy that if she really wants a stellar workout, she should do it away from Instagram and not be concerned with likes.

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