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‘Sad to Watch’: ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Star Damon Dash Gets Into Explosive Confrontation with Son Boogie Amid Group Therapy

It looks like Damon Dash and his son “Boogie” Dash are apparently at odds again.

During the latest episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” the father-and-son duo exchanged words and nearly came to blows after attempting to rekindle their relationship.

Damon Dash
New York, New York – February 12: Damon Dash and Boogie Dash attend the launch of Blue Roc magazine at The Elsinore on February 12, 2012, in New York City. (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

Dame, Boogie and the music mogul’s 20-year-old daughter Ava Dash attended a family therapy session to discuss their differences. Dame brought up his son’s struggle with drug and alcohol use and how Boogie avoided him after he was released from rehab in season 3. He claimed the 28 year old didn’t even come home and “stayed over somebody else’s house.”

Boogie disagreed with his father’s claims and told the therapist, “He told me don’t come around unless you fix yourself.”

Although Ava backed up her brother’s claims, Dame accused them both of lying and being “disrespectful.” Things quickly spiraled out of control when Boogie decided to exit their group session. As soon as he stood up, his father yelled, “Yeah get out of here. You’re so sensitive, you’re such a little girl about everything.”

Damon Dash
Damon Dash (L), the therapist and Boogie Dash WE tv Screengrabs

Boogie claimed his reaction came from his father’s badgering. The Roc-A-Fella co-founder stood up, walked toward his son and yelled, “Sit down or I’m leaving.” The therapist, however, stood in between the two men to seemingly prevent a physical altercation from occurring.

Before leaving the group sessions, Dame hurled several insults at his kids, calling them “clowns” and saying his son was “stupid.”

Several “GUHH” viewers had mixed reactions to the scene.

“Now I see why Jay left Damon in the dust. He’s a toxic ass dude yo 🤷🏻‍♂️. Bro too old for that who calls their child stupid I WOULD NEVER! 🗣”

“This is just sad to watch”

“I think the kids are spoiled and Dame is rude, but I think a lot more happens off camera that plays into it. I think Dame does love his kids tho just don’t know how to show it.”

“I feel so bad for Boogie because at the end of the day, all he wants is a relationship with his father, but he can’t because his dad is a lunatic!”

During the “GUHH” trailer, Boogie said he felt like his father was trying to make him “look bad.”

“Right now, I just feel like he’s trying to expose me for something that I’m not,” said Boogie. “So I’m just not really appreciating that at all. I’m not talking to [him] at all just cause he’s trying to make me look bad.”

Although the filming of “GUHH” season four is over, Dame’s current relationship with Boogie and Ava is still unknown.

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