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‘Cherish Every Moment’: Angela Simmons’ Heartfelt Post About Making Memories With Her Son Warms the Hearts of Fans

Proud mother Angela Simmons recognizes that time is fleeting and that the precious moments she shares with her son Sutton Joseph Tennyson will all turn into memories.

In a series of photos, Simmons shared irreplaceable moments of herself and her son coloring, smiling and being silly. Her caption encapsulated the very sentiment of living in each moment as it comes.

Angela Simmons and son SJ
Angela Simmons and son Sutton Joseph capture precious mommy-and-me time. (Photos: @angelasimmons/Instagram)

“Because these moments won’t last forever … So we capture some .. and live the rest .. Thankful for your love day in and day out. You bring out the best in me. The best part is we are really just getting started !! So much more life to live. The best part of me is you 🖤🥰,” wrote Simmons.

Her heartfelt post was admired by many.

“We capture some and live the rest🙏🏿🙌🏿👏🏿”

“💯Facts Always Capture The Moment U Rite U Never Know🌹”

“There’s nothing like a mother and son kind of love❤️,” wrote one person.

Another commented,” Yes, cherish every moment cause they grow so fast 😥 Beautiful family🌸”

The 32-year-old recently gleamed with pride while sharing a video of her son showing off his Spanish-speaking skills. Not only is the toddler smart, but he is also a compete handful with his blossoming personality.

He even humorously gave his mom a mouthful about the lack of cleanliness he witnessed while standing in her closet.

“Your shoes a mess, and your underwear is a mess and your boobies [bras] is a mess. You make a mess in here,” said SJ with cutest but oh-so-serious expression written all over his face.

Tickled by his antics, Simmons wrote, “Someone come get my son lol !!! HaHa he told me my stuff is a mess. Currently cleaning my closet for me. I can’t make this stuff up! I’m in for a ride lol 😂”

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