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‘Did You Just…’: Susan Rice, Obama’s Former National Security Adviser, Threatens Snoop Dogg for Blasting Gayle King, Snoop Responds to Backlash

A lot of people have commented on Snoop Dogg blasting Gayle King after she brought up Kobe Bryant‘s 2003 sexual assault charge during an interview that aired last week.

The “CBS This Morning” interview came shortly after Bryant was killed with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna Bryant and seven other people on Jan. 26 in a helicopter crash in the Los Angeles suburb of Calabasas, California.

Susan Rice (left) ripped Snoop Dogg (center) for posting an angry message to Gayle King (right) after King brought up Kobe Bryant’s 2003 sexual assault charge during an interview. (Photos: Chris Kleponis/AFP via Getty Images, John Parra/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images, Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images via Getty Images)

Snoop, along with many others, said King’s questioning was extremely inappropriate, and the veteran journalist was slammed online.

Plus, during a visit on “Today with Hoda and Jenna” last week, King’s best friend Oprah Winfrey said King was receiving death threats and was not doing well because of the backlash.

Snoop’s message to King was posted on Thursday, Feb. 6.

“I wanna call you one. Is it okay if I call you one? Funky, dog-haired bitch,” said the rapper in the clip.

He also accused King of trying to ruin the reputation of famous, iconic black men.

“How dare you try and tarnish my motherf–king homeboy’s reputation, punk motherf–ker,” added the rapper. “Respect the family and back off, bitch, before we come get you.”

People like Rickey Smiley, Naomi Campbell and former NBA player Matt Barnes showed Snoop support by posting either emojis or messages under his clip.

But Marc Lamont Hill is one of the people who criticized him, as did President Barack Obama‘s former National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

“This is despicable,” Rice tweeted on Feb. 7. “Gayle King is one of the most principled, fair and tough journalists alive. Snoop, back the **** off. You come for @GayleKing, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty.”


While there were people who sided with Rice, others said they didn’t care for her message at all. Plus, there were some who tweeted that Snoop being scared of Rice’s threat is laughable.

“Thank you Ambassador! @SnoopDogg is FOREVER cancelled in my book for these vile words,” one person tweeted.

“Did YOU just actually threaten @SnoopDogg?? Our man was talking about exposure, learn to read between the lines “journalist” or whoever the hell you are… What do you mean with “an army”, who exactly are in that “army”? Weinstein and his sick friends that control the media?”

“No she didn’t,” wrote someone else. “She’s the type that stands in front of the mirror and acts all tough in the imaginary fight then sneaks out the back door when it’s time to rumble.”

“What I’m trying to figure out is what’s fair about Gayle asking Lisa [Leslie] about Kobe’s 2003 case while his WIFE (Vanessa) is preparing to bury half her family!!” tweeted Smiley. “Name calling? I don’t agree with it but I feel Snoops pain like most of us!!!! I’m with Snoop!!! “

One day later, Snoop uploaded an Instagram video and said he didn’t want any harm to come to King, despite what people may think.

“Here’s a message to the people who need to know,” said the rapper. “I’m a nonviolent person. When I said what I said, I spoke for the people who felt like Gayle was very disrespectful towards Kobe Bryant and his family.”

“Now with that being said, what I look like wanting some harm to come to a 70-year-old woman?” he also said about King, who’s really 65.

“I was raised way better than that,” Snoop added. “I don’t want no harm to come to her, and I didn’t threaten her. All I did was said, ‘Check it out: you outta pocket for what you doing and we watching you. Have a little more respect for Vanessa, her babies and Kobe Bryant’s legacy.’”

After Snoop posted his message, there were some who said he didn’t need to explain and others said they’re glad he did.

“You called it right the first, my friend! This is why I love you!!! 👏,” someone wrote.

“I thought it was very honest and straight from the heart they always using them to bash our black men in a way to make them look bad,” another person chimed in.

While another Instagram user wrote, “You can justifiably love Kobe, dislike Gayles approach without issuing obvious threats and calling this queen out of her name like that. For me personally, non-cipher. I know you are better than that.”

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