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‘Got Any N—-rs in Here?’: Fed Up Students Remove White California College Student from Classroom Following Racist Rant

A Chapman University student is out on bond after his racist, homophobic rant got him arrested by local police.

In a series of videos posted online, a drunken Dayton Kingery walked into a lecture at the Orange, California, campus on Tuesday and proceeded to spew derogatory remarks and vitriol at his shocked classmates.

Kingery, 21, brags about how wasted he is, saying: “I’ve been drinking Bacardi all day, n—a.”

“I f—–g hate n—–s,” he adds. “Let it be known. Y’all got any n—–rs in here?”

Several students are heard urging Kingery to “chill out,” but he doesn’t let up. He’s later heard ranting about his hate for “f—-ts” too, and repeatedly hurls the anti-gay slur at a fellow classmate.

In a separate clip, someone identifies Kingery by name. The drunken man then threatens to “f—–g bury” his classmate and brags about what he claims to be his privilege: “You don’t know who I am, guy. … I’m worth, like, 50 million dollars.”

Bystanders had finally had enough and forcibly tossed Kingery and his belongings out into the hallway. They mistakenly handed him the wrong knapsack, however, which Kingery chucks down the hall before running and stomping on it.

“I hope your laptop wasn’t in there,” he says.

In a third and final video, four Orange Police Department officers are seen carrying a hogtied Kingery from the building.

Chapman University is a predominately white private institution in Southern California where Black students account for just 2 percent of the campus population, according to online data from 2017. Yearly undergraduate tuition also comes with a price tag of $50,210.

University President Daniele Struppa addressed the incident in a statement Tuesday, saying “appropriate legal and disciplinary processes” are underway.

Chapman University
Twitter screenshot.

“We’re also taking strong interim action to ensure the safety of the classroom involved as well as campus housing,” Struppa said in the letter, posted to the university’s Twitter account. “I also want to extend my deepest apologies to the Black and LGBTQIA communities who were specifically targeted during today’s incident.”

The president didn’t specify punishments against Kingery, however, several students at Chapman have called for his expulsion.

According to Orange County Sheriff’s Department records, Kingery was booked on undisclosed charges. He posted bond Wednesday and has since been released.

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