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‘Don’t Act Dumb Now’: ‘LHHNY’ Fans Side with Tahiry After She Explodes on Cyn and Jonathan for Acting ‘Stupid’

Tahiry Jose appeared to be over the drama this week and “Love and Hip Hop: New York” viewers understood why.

Jose became the topic of conversation a few episodes ago after her good friend Erica Mena tried to play matchmaker between her and ex-boyfriend Joe Budden. Jose and the podcaster broke up years ago, but they apparently teased the idea of reconciling their romance. The idea of the pair rekindling came shortly after Budden’s breakup with his ex-fiancée Cyn Santana.

Tahiry Jose
(L) Tahiry Jose and (R) Cyn Santana. VH1 Screengrabs

After word got out about Jose and Budden possibly reviving their relationship, Santana’s best friend Jonathan Fernandez stepped in and confronted Jose about her recent dealings with Budden. He basically told Jose she was in the wrong for entertaining Budden after his sudden breakup with Santana. Jose responded to Fernandez by telling him to “mind his business” and keep out of theirs.

On Monday night’s episode, Jose, Fernandez and Santana all came face-to-face at Mena’s birthday party, when things completely spiraled out of control between them.

Jose told Santana, “Joe and I are exes and you and Erica were exes, it’s a little awkward because we got people in common.”

Santana responded to Jose saying that she didn’t “have an issue” with her when it came to Budden, but Jose felt Santana was lying. When Jose looked over to Fernandez to add his input in her and Santana’s conversation, Fernandez acted clueless which set Jose off.

“Y’all wanna play and make me look crazy, f–k y’all!” Jose said to Fernandez and Santana before walking away. “Don’t sit there and act stupid.”

Fernandez appeared oblivious to what was going on as if Jose wasn’t referring to their earlier confrontation. Santana also stared at Jose in disbelief.

Many “LHHNY” viewers felt Santana and Fernandez were in the wrong for not owning up to their beef with Jose, after she’d confronted them about the situation head on.

“Don’t act dumb now! 🙄 Tahiry is upset bc Jonathan and Cyn are acting like they don’t have a problem with her after WE have witnessed almost every scene between Cyn and Jon be about Tahiry.”

“How they got amnesia all of a sudden. Cyn and Jonathon LITERALLY sat thru this whole show talkin bout the situation now they wanna play blind and dumb #TeamTahiry🅿️”

“Tahiry’s name been in their mouth for two episodes now they’re all confused about where she’s coming from. Don’t play stupid cause you know exactly what she’s talking bout throw the rock then hide really 😒”

“The fact they was acting clueless like she hasn’t been a topic of their conversations cyn asked joe about her like don’t get quiet now. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Jon and Cyn are fake!!!”

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