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‘Todd and Kandi Jr.’: Hearts Melt Over Kandi Burruss’ Son Loving On His Baby Sister

People were shocked at how big Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker‘s 4-year-old son Ace Tucker has gotten.

Because on Saturday, Jan. 25, Todd shared a photo of Ace hugging his little sister Blaze Tucker, who was born in November of 2019.

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@todd167 Instagram

In the photo, Ace looks ultra protective of his baby sister since he has his arm around her, and she has her head resting on his cheek.

The photo has been liked over 30,000 times with almost 340 comments left. In the caption, Todd acknowledged how good of a big brother Ace is and told him to maintain that same kind of protection as he and his siblings grow older.

“The best big bro! @acetucker that’s right always protect and hold your sisters down!” he wrote to his 1.2 million Instagram followers.

“‘Todd and Kandi jr. This picture is too cute and such a blessing when you consider they shared their wedding with us. Who knew we would be seeing them again as babies? @todd167 @kandi#blackpowercouplewaitingonpermitslol❤️,” one person wrote.

“@acetucker is so sweet. Y’all are raising wonderful kids @kandi @todd167 ♥️💓❤️,” wrote someone else.

“Adorable. He is going to be so protective of her,” another fan weighed in.

A fourth person then wrote, “She’s got a Best friend & protector for life.❤️💙❤️ That a very Beautiful Photo.”

Plus, a fifth called the picture “A Kodak moment📸.”

There was also another Instagram post of Todd’s that people seemed to adore.

It was shared on Jan. 21, and it shows him teaching Ace about the late, black chemist Percy Julian, who’s considered one of the most important and influential chemists in American history.

“I am the soybean chemist,” Todd has Ace say in the clip. “I created the synthetic cortisone. It takes away the pain and swelling. My name is Percy Julian.”

Todd then congratulated Ace for repeating everything correctly, and it was clear that Ace was thrilled to get his dad’s approval.

“Ace is such a cutie 💗,” someone wrote beneath the clip.

“He is more than Adorable…..he is a STAR👏,” wrote someone else.

“Todd you are such a great dad!!!” a third person wrote.

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