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‘This Fool Ain’t S–t’: ‘LHHNY’ Fans Slam Phresher After He Admits to ‘Side Chick’ Jada He Bilked Her and Jilted Her

Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Phresher is getting dragged all over social media for his apparent sleazeball ways.

In the Jan. 27 episode, the music producer sat down with his former artist Jada to discuss him allegedly stealing $60,000 from her. Jada threatened to take Phresher to court for the money he owed her and to discuss their past intimate involvement with each other.

Phresher and Jada. (PhotoL VH1 screenshots)

During their meeting at Phresher’s music studio, Jada revealed that she’d put up over $60,000 for her career after the music manager promised to help her. After months of not seeing her career go anywhere, she came to the conclusion that Phresher had stolen from her. Not to mention he was cheating on his wife Jen when he and Jada were intimately involved.

Phresher admitted to the aspiring rap diva he was wrong for mismanaging her money and lying to her about his wife.

“You have every right to feel the way you feel, we went and did things we weren’t supposed to do, us having sex,” said Phresher.

He then told Jada he fell in love with her.

After breaking down in tears, Jada responded, “You led me to believe that it was that deep. … You played me and I fell for it.”

Following their heart-to-heart moment, Phresher agreed to pay Jada $40,000 before she stormed out of his studio.

LHHNY” viewers trashed the music producer for apparently “scheming” Jada and lying to his wife about their affair.

“Smh. This fool ain’t s–t 😅😩 I really wish we stop giving cheaters a platform to be broadcasted as the ‘it’s what guys do’ narrative Love and Hip Hop has helped fuel over the years.”

“A lying cheating damn dog! He ain’t shit omm… he finna be rich dollaz 2.0 but rich is more likable”

“He stole her money and played her?!!!! Nah i want the full 70k back. Jada is so beautiful. Man I’m not sure how human beings can be so heartless. She should have never gotten mixed up with someone’s man but he’s wrong for all he did to this baby girl smh”

“He fell in love with a whole wife at home 🤦🏾‍♀️ how they letting this Alien Vs Predator looking ass nigga play them. They doing it to themselves”
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