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‘Thick and Beautiful’: Ashanti Wins Fans’ Hearts With Her Black Leather Look

Ashanti shared another Instagram photo that wowed many of her followers.

The New York native posted the image on Thursday, Jan. 16, and it shows her covered in black leather, with a long side ponytail and dark rectangular glasses. She’s also performing on stage in front of a blue background in the shot.

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Just a Long Island girl with heart & dreams,” wrote Ashanti in the caption.

The picture was liked over 10,000 times in two hours, and just about 130 comments were left. Among them, people said they loved the outfit, others brought up what Ashanti wrote about having dreams, and some remarks were centered on just how much people like the singer in general.

“You are thick and beautiful as hell lil mama,” one person wrote.

“And someone special wants to see your hearts filled and your dreams come true,with love always pretty baby ❤️❤️❤️.!” wrote another.

“Just a fine ass Woman that’s getting even finer, 🔥” wrote another.

In a second photo, posted on Jan. 15, that shows Ashanti in black leather, she’s giving one of her fans a lap dance at a concert, which has been a part of her set routine for some time now. The guy — who some have called the luckiest person in the world —  has his hand behind his back while the 39-year-old singer is beaming a big smile.

“So what do y’all think he’s thinkin? 😩😋😆,” Ashanti asked her followers in the caption, and they seemed to have a lot of fun giving answers.

“Im never washing these pants again😂😂😂😂😂,” read one of the responses.

“Don’t get up,” another person wrote.

Another answer was, “My wife go kill me But she knows I love me some Ashanti 🤣🤣.”

The lap dance post was liked almost 50,000 times in a day, with over 2,000 comments left.


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