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‘Lying Scallywag’: Nene Leakes Accused of Leaking Letter After Blaming Kenya Moore

The drama never ceases on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and it forever follows the reality diva Nene Leakes. The recent issue on the show follows who leaked a letter to notorious blogger B. Scott. that Leakes wrote to her friend/foe Cynthia Bailey.

In the letter, Leakes congratulated Bailey on her new business endeavor, Bailey Wine Cellar, despite their being at odds. While the leaking of the letter seems minor, fellow cast member Kenya Moore claimed that Leakes leaked the letter. Leakes denied the claim and said that Moore leaked the letter.

Fans of the Bravo series watched the two’s dispute over the incident on the Jan. 5 episode, with Leakes calling Moore “dirty.” Leakes also is claiming she doesn’t speak to bloggers.

“One thing that a person could tell you about Nene Leakes is I don’t ever talk to bloggers, don’t always point the finger at the person you think. My last name might be Leakes, but I’m not leaking.”

That claim didn’t sit too well with B. Scott, and he took to his podcast “The B. Scott Show” to call out Mrs. “I said what I said.”

During Thursday’s “Like NeNe’s Titty in Toronto, The Truth Always Pops Out” podcast episode, B. Scott called Leakes a “liar.”

“No. 1, if you say my name a couple times I have to appear, you have summoned me. You a lying ass b–! That offended me, No. 1,” B. Scott said. “No. 2, she goes on to make it seem like bloggers are beneath her, like bloggers are lowly.”

“You are a reality star at best,” he continued. “She does talk to bloggers, but she oftentimes talks to bloggers without my reach, and she talks to bloggers that don’t have any other exclusive information ever other than the lies that she tells.”

Allegedly, B. Scott and Leakes’ relationship dates back ten years. B. Scott noted how he has more information on Leakes, and they’ve spoken to each other several times about things she wanted to be released to the public.

“I have yeaaaars of text messages, years. I went back to look at my phone, and it was so much. Me and Nene, I felt as though we were still friends because only a friend would hold certain information that I’m holding right now, that I was asked not to put out. So if we’re not friends that good to know, should I light her a– up right now? Should I drop a nuclear bomb?”

Not only is B. Scott connected to Leakes, but he also knows Kandi Burruss, Bailey, and Moore.

“We have chilled many times in Atlanta, L.A., Miami, and we even chilled with Kenya in Miami.”

Moore confirmed this in a Twitter post Sunday, Jan.5.

“RHOA” reality star Kenya Moore confirms that she and Leakes have hung out with B. Scott.

B. Scott claims Leakes’ team leaked the note and that he will release receipts to back up his statement if the team decides to test him.

“I think she’s a lying scallywag, NeNe Leakes. It came from that team. Like Kenya said, why would she leak something positive about NeNe?”

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