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‘Welcome Back Steve’: Steve Harvey Receives Praise From Fans After New Talk Show Begins

Ever since Steve Harvey‘s show “Steve” went off the air in June, many have expressed sadness and said they wished it would land elsewhere.

Then, in December, word came that the show would be moving to Facebook Watch, the same platform where Jada Pinkett Smith‘s “Red Table Talk” series found success.

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People expressed happiness over Steve Harvey’s talk show debuting on Facebook Watch. (Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

News started surfacing in 2018 that NBC would cancel “Steve” and replace it with “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

But as of Monday, Jan. 6, the Facebook version of the series called “Steve On Watch” began, and some might say the happiness people expressed is palpable.

Because many shared their feelings under a clip of the first “Steve On Watch” episode, which Harvey posted to his Instagram page on Monday. The talk show is also filmed in Atlanta, inside Tyler Perry‘s film studio.

“Well, I’m back,” Harvey told the studio audience, who gave him a long standing ovation when he came out.

Then in the caption, the 62-year-old also said he was thankful for having another opportunity to host the show.

“What sometimes seems like an obstacle can often turn out to be a blessing – and today I’m thankful for that,” wrote Harvey.

Nearly 2,000 people commented afterward.

“Welcome back Steve!!!” one person wrote.

“So excited to see this,” wrote another. “@iamsteveharveytv is so full of life advice and I’ve put it into practice. Great results already.”

“I’m super happy you’re back!” a third person commented. “Your show helped me so much during my pregnancy and I was heartbroken when I heard your show got canceled. Now I’m elated and my baby and I will be tuning in watching you on fb. Congratulations Mr. Harvey.”

And another person wrote, “YAAAAAAAY! This is so awesome and inspiring!”

Reportedly, “Steve On Watch” initially will stream for 10 weeks, with episodes being delivered each week. The first batch of episodes is already available for streaming, and Rick Ross was one of the guests, as was an 82-year-old woman who challenged Harvey to a pushup contest.

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