Lizzo Gives Luenell the ‘Best New Year’s Eve Present Ever’

Luenell said she met Lizzo when the singer performed at “Saturday Night Live” on Dec. 21 but the meeting didn’t go as Luenell would have liked it to.

So the comedian posted an Instagram message last week where she brought up the encounter and tagged the singer.

Lizzo (left) responded to Luenell (right) after the comedian said the singer wasn’t very excited to meet her. (Photos: Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images, Rachel Luna/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

“Hey @lizzobeeating when I briefly spoke 2 u last weekend @nbcsnl u didn’t seem particularly excited ta meet me like I was ta meet You but it was a Lot of activity going on and ur Mom & Sis Totally made up fa that because they were Stoaked & we took pics and hugged it up,” wrote the “Dolemite Is My Name” actress. “I was SO not offended. You KILLED Both numbers and did us Big Girls Proud AF.”

“Not trying ta throw tha ‘I did it 1st’ card but dig this,” Luenell continued. “I would Luvvvvv ta do a collabo of some sort witcha. This idea was brought to me by songwriter and producer @papaleemusic and a few more heavyweights n the industry. This post may never reach ur eyes but you Will b hearing fr me n 2020.”

Lizzo responded to that message on Instagram, and Luenell posted Lizzo’s words to her own page.

“Omg I was so excited and overwhelmed it was SNL!!!” wrote the “Truth Hurts” singer. “Not to mention I had the flu so I was on a lot of medication that made me mellow as hell… even my family was worried about me because I was sooo in the zone. But I love u!! And holla atcha girl. Happy New Years!!!”

Then in the caption, Luenell wrote, “THANKS SIS! Best New Years Eve present EVERRRR!!!! 2020 gon’ b a Muthaf—a!😁.”

After the misunderstanding was cleared up, people discussed it among themselves in the comment section.

“Awww that’s good! I’m happy she reached out to you because I love @lizzobeeating !” wrote one of Luenell’s Instagram followers.

“I was waiting!!! Patiently… like is she gone respect the Queen or nah! Thanks Lizzo,” wrote someone else.

“When two👑👑get together its🔥🔥🙌🏾🙌🏾,” another Instagram user stated.

And a fourth person wrote, “This is a prime example of you never know what someone is going through. It may not always be about you… she genuinely was not feeling hence the lack of enthusiasm. I’m glad this was handled with so much class…. love y’all both!!❤️❤️.”

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