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‘You’re the Type That Should be Hung’: Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Fired After Targeting Black Customers In Racist Rant

A Kentucky woman was hungry for pizza, but she lost her appetite after she claims she and her roommates were the subject of a racist rant by their delivery driver.

Shirae Bledsoe took to Facebook to vent about the Dec. 27 incident in which she said the enraged Pizza Hut worker used racial slurs and warned that she had spat in their food after they unknowingly left a 9-cent tip. But the harassment didn’t end there.

“The delivery driver called and disrespected us and told us she wasn’t going to deliver our pizza and we had to pick it up and then wouldn’t stop texting my roommate’s phone,” Bledsoe wrote. “I am so disgusted right now, made me loose my appetite.”

The reported incident unfolded after the friends ordered from a Pizza Hut in Lexington. In her now-viral post, Bledsoe shared screenshots of alleged texts messages from the delivery driver.

“Was that good food? Best believe there was spit in it!!” one message read, followed by laughing emojis.

The tirade continued: “Everyone knows what to do when that address and number come up. You f—-d with the wrong food place n—–s.”

The race of the driver is unknown.

The employee goes on to state, “[you’re] the type that should be hung.”

The texts drew a torrent of angry reactions online, with folks urging the  Lexington-Fayette County Health Department to investigate.

You need to contact corporate and even file charges, especially since they are admitting to spitting in your food,” one user commented. “Also contact the department of health in your area… even ur local news!!”

“They should have tipped the driver but this is a disgusting over reaction,” another chimed in. “It’s also a felony to do anything someone’s food. They should’ve called the cops.”

Pizza Hut addressed the incident in a statement, saying the employee in question had been fired.

“We were shocked by the driver’s text messages but have no reason to believe anyone’s food was actually compromised,” a company spokesperson told local station WKYT. “Nevertheless, the driver’s threats and language are completely unacceptable and she has been terminated as a result.”

Watch more in the video below.

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