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‘He Spoke His Truth’: LeBron James Talks About His ‘Humble Beginnings’ in New Nike Ad, and People Are Touched

There’s an inverse correlation between having a humble start in life and going on to achieve greatness. But the goal is to diminish the number of children who have it tough.

That’s the crux of a new Nike ad that’s narrated by LeBron James, which shows his early days as a hoops star at St. Vincent–St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio. And it shows this time in the NBA as well.

The ad also shows him talking about his I Promise School, which he opened in July of 2018 in Akron for at-risk third- and fourth-graders.

“We always hear about an athlete’s humble beginnings. How they emerged from poverty or tragedy to beat the odds,” said James in the clip.

“They’re supposed to be the stories of determination that capture the American Dream,” he added. “They’re supposed to be stories that let you know these people are special. But you know what would be really special? If there were no more humble beginnings.”

James is currently in his 17th season in the NBA, and he seems to be playing the best basketball of his career, despite turning 35 on Dec. 30.

Plus, his Lakers are tied with the Milwaukee Bucks for the best record in the league at 24-4, and James is averaging a little over 25 points per game in 34.7 minutes of play.

He’s also grabbing 7.4 rebounds and dishing 10.6 assists, which have included some Magic Johnson-like behind-the-head and between-the-legs passes.

James shared the new Nike ad to his Twitter page on Thursday and wrote a message along with it.

“17 years ago @nike took a chance on a kid from Akron. And 17 years later this 🏀 has given me the ability to provide opportunities for my 1400 kids in Akron so that one day NOTHING is left to chance,” he wrote. “They will KNOW that a kid from Akron is something special #ThekidfromAKRON.”

Afterwards, James’ followers were clearly touched by the video and its overall sentiment.

“This is why LeBron is the GOAT,” one person tweeted. “He didn’t wait till he retired to make a difference he spoke his truth while playing and made a difference while playing….. @MuhammadAli @KingJames @Kaepernick7 enough said #Legends.”

“Thank you for all you do to give back and make communities better!” another person wrote.

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