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‘I Got the Answers Sway’: 50 Cent Teases ‘Power’ Final Episodes, Fans Reveal Who They Think Shot Ghost

The last time “Power” viewers saw Omari Hardwick‘s character Ghost St. Patrick, he was falling backwards in slow motion with blood on his shirt after being shot.

And who shot him is the question that’s being used to promote the show’s final episodes when it returns next month.

50 Cent Told to Pay Up After Being Accused of Owing Money

On Saturday, Dec. 14, 50 Cent posted a trailer on Instagram for the upcoming episodes, and since then his followers have been giving theories as to who pulled the trigger.

In the clip, a detective’s voice is heard asking several characters on the show if they shot Ghost, including Naturi Naughton‘s character Tasha St. Patrick, Rotimi‘s character Dre, Larenz Tate‘s character Rashad Tate and Tommy Egan, played by Joseph Sikora.

“I’ll guess I’ll go back to being a civilian while you figure this out,” Dre says in the clip.

“If you knew anything, you’d know by now I ain’t no snitch,” Tommy Egan tells the detective. “So if me talking is the best you got to figuring out who shot Ghost, you out of luck.”

The post has over 1 million views and there’s over 5,500 comments.

“Tasha did that sh–,” one Instagram user wrote.

“That lil n—- Tariq shot him!” another person stated.

“It was RAMONA!!! I got the answers sway 🔥🔥,” wrote someone else, borrowing a piece of Kanye West‘s infamous rant during his 2013 interview with Sway Calloway.

“And another fan of the show wrote, “This n—- Ghost alive… ain’t none of them did it tho, way too obvious 🤨.”

The sixth and final season of “Power” picks up again on Sunday, Jan. 5.

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