‘Steve Been Shady’: Comedian Mark Curry Calls Out Steve Harvey For Stealing His Jokes

Comedian Mark Curry is best known for his role as the ex-basketball player-turned-teacher on the ABC show “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” airing from 1992 to 1997.

Recently, Curry’s name is now known for checking talk show host and comedian Steve Harvey for stealing his jokes.

The 58-year-old appeared on an episode of Fox Soul’s “The Mike & Donny Show.” When host Mike Hill asked Curry, “What’s up with you and Steve, man?” Curry responded by saying, “Steve stole my material on his show, so I had a beef on that.”

Hill then followed with another question asking Curry, “On what show?”

“When he was on his bullsh– talk show that he had, he did all of my Halloween material one Halloween,” Curry responded. Curry was referring to Harvey’s NBC talk show “Steve.”

“Somebody called me and said, ‘Homeboy doing your material.’ He did my whole Halloween run, and I know he didn’t think of it. This was true stuff that really happened to me,” Curry said.

“And my thing was, you didn’t have to do that homeboy. Mother–, you made enough money, b– a–,” he added.

The audience chuckled at Curry’s rebuttal. Curry wanted to know why Harvey was on “his material.” People were defending Harvey to Curry, saying, “He didn’t know, he didn’t steal your material,” to which Curry replied, “Yes, he did!”

Hill said that he believes stealing jokes is “the most lewd thing a comic can do.”

Curry then went on to say, “I’ll step to you.” Curry admitted to approaching Harvey about the issue at Def Comedy Jam 25. When Hill asked, “What did you say to him?” Curry responded,” Ask him.”

Curry admitted that someone stealing his jokes had happened before, but Harvey’s actions irritated him the most because “he made it.”

Hill pressed on wanting to know what Curry said to Harvey, but Curry still responded with, “Ask him!” Curry noted that Harvey did not apologize to him about the incident.

Fans on The Neighborhood Talk 2 Instagram account believed Curry’s accusations against Harvey.

“He shady AF, and I believe him 😭.”

“Steve been shady. Bernie didn’t stop messing with him for no reason.”

“Everybody always saying Steve doing iffy shii Lmaooooo, so I believe him lol.”

“Nobody likes him. He’ll do anything to get ahead. Why y’all think he’s gotten so far in Hollywood?”

“First of all, I believe him bc no man can lie with his legs crossed like that, and I also think he’s a lil drunk, so he’s definitely telling the truth 😂😂.”

“I totally believe it. He backstabbed his ‘friend’ Bernie Mac as well.”

Over the years, Harvey has had his fair share of beefs with fellow comedians, including the late Bernie Mac.

Mac and Harvey were a part of “The Orginal Kings of Comedy,” which became a successful tour and film.

Beef stewed between the two when Mac did a 2003 GQ interview claiming Harvey was jealous of his success and tried to steal gigs from him.

On a 2010 episode of BET’s “Conversations with Ed Gordon,” Harvey admitted to his anger about the article.

“I was upset at first because it just wasn’t true,” Harvey said. “Me and Bernie had a lot of good times together, and then this article in GQ came out and put all this vicious stuff in there.”

Harvey said he spoke to Mac about the interview before his passing in 2008. “‘B’ said he never said it. I had to take him at his word for it.”

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