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‘I’m Convinced You’re a Vampire’: Phaedra Parks’ Photo Re-creation Makes Fans’ Collective Jaws Drop

Phaedra Parks may have recently turned 46, but according to fans, she doesn’t look a day over 30.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum recently celebrated her nephew Drew Huddleston’s Sweet 16 on Instagram and she recreated a photo of the two from back when he was a baby to commemorate the occasion.

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“Sixteen years ago #today you changed everyone’s life for the better!” Parks’ Nov. 13 post began. “#HappyBirthday to the most awesome #nephew in the world @drewhudd879 we #love you so much! P.S- I saved this dress because I knew you would be just like your #mom @adrienenh and want to re-create this picture 16 #years later 🤣🎉🎂 now go get your license so you can run to the store for me 😩😘 We are so #proud of you! #family 🎂🦂🎉”

The image caught fans’ attention for two reasons.

Reason No. 1: Fans couldn’t believe how similar Parks looked today compared to her appearance in 2003.

“You’re not aging I’m convinced you’re a vampire 🤔”

“Sign me up for your genes👌👌”

“How did you not age…. what in the melanin witchery!!!! 😂😍”

phaedra parks
Phaedra Parks (right in each photo) and her nephew Drew Huddleston. (Photos: @phaedraparks/Instagram)

Reason No. 2: Fans noticed Parks was still able to fit the dress she bought more than a decade ago.

“Oh my God these are too cute! The fact that you saved the dress 16 years is so amazing.”

“How the heck did you save a dress for 16 years?!!! And how did you locate it in your closet !!!! That’s impressive”

“How’d u have the same dress that’s so dope”

Parks shared that she came across her dress in the closet and it was one Drew was fond of.

“@cigar_goddess_ when I moved a couple of years ago I came across it and knew my nephew @drewhudd879 always loved that pic so I kept it 😍” she told one fan before admitting to another, “@iammarshameadows I might be a slight pack rat 😩🤣😩”

Parks has opened up about her secrets to remaining beautiful before. In 2016, she gave Bravo’s Lookbook a glimpse at the products she relies on to retain a youthful appearance. But amid the masks and makeup, Parks said staying hydrated is key.

“I drink no less than a gallon and a half of water every day,” Parks divulged. “I like to mix fresh lemons and ginger in my water, sometimes a little cucumber. But I love ginger because obviously it’s great medicinal properties to it as well. That’s my inside secret, just drinking a lot of water.”

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