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Report: Queen Latifah Will Star in ‘The Equalizer’ Reboot

The TV series “The Equalizer” may be coming back to the small screen, and if it does it’ll star Queen Latifah.

Deadline reports that CBS has footed the bill for a pilot to be shot, and the actor will also be an executive producer through her company Flavor Unit, along with longtime business partner Shakim Compere.

Queen Latifah will star in a reboot of the 1980s TV series “The Equalizer.” (Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The show was originally on CBS from 1985 to 1989, and it starred Edward Woodward, who played a retired intelligence agent who used what he learned on the job to help people in bad situations. Latifah will take on his former role in the pilot.

Denzel Washington starred in a big-screen version of the TV show in 2014 and reprised his role four years later in “The Equalizer 2.”

Antoine Fuqua directed both of those films, and the new TV version is said to be a reimagining of the original CBS series, as well the film adaptations.

So far the Oscar nominee hasn’t mentioned anything about “The Equalizer” pilot, but she has expressed excitement about “The Little Mermaid Live!” that airs Tuesday, Nov. 5, on ABC. In it, Latifah plays the sea witch Ursula.

And besides that, the New Jersey native will be an executive producer on the upcoming Lifetime movie “The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel,” which is now reportedly in pre-production. Missy Elliott will be an executive producer on that project as well.

Latifah additionally will be starring in the film “The Tiger Rising,” which is based on a 2001 children’s book written by Kate DiCamillo.

The 49-year-old also is an executive producer on that project, where she’ll play the character Willie May, a hotel chambermaid who gives useful advice to local children.

On top of that, Latifah will star in the movie “Paper Chase,” described as a teen comedy about a female college student who throws a big party so she can pay tuition.

That film and “The Tiger Rising” are also in pre-production.

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