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‘Imperfection Where?’: Toya Wright Fans Uplift Her in Latest ‘Flaw’ Embracing Post

“Priceless Inspirations” author Toya Wright is challenging beauty standards by owning all of her supposed “imperfections.”

The proud mother of two discussed self-love in a recent post that included a stunning photo of herself that left fans dumbstruck. She took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared a beauty post of herself wearing pink two-piece set and a cropped bustier while posing it up on a walkway.

Wright’s ensemble slightly exposed her stomach, which she apparently views as one of her flaws.

Toya Wright
Toya Wright. @toyawright/Instagram.

“Embracing my imperfections, learning to love every inch of me,” the 36-year-old television personality wrote. “My ugly navel, my stretch marks and all. The things I hated for years…I’m slowly starting to love. #motherof2 #perfectlyimperfect.”

Over 73,000 fans hearted her post and showered Wright with a mass of support.

“U are perfection. I haven’t found a flaw yet ♥️. They are love marks from your little ones…. #Team mom. ❤️ you look amazing!!😘”

“Imperfection where??! Don’t see a flaw nowhere 👀 it’s all❤️. Looking good to sis…”

“Girrrrl!!! 🙌🏾😍 Embrace them! Some people wish they had em. You are so beautiful inside and outside”

“Yesss @toyawright 🔥! you don’t have to be perfect you just have to be worth it!!! We rock and we real deal!! ❤️❤️💯 those are nothing but super powers #woman”

Although Wright is learning to embrace her imperfections, she apparently suffered from body image issues last year after giving birth to her 1-year-old daughter Reign Rushing. Evidently, she gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and had a hard time embracing her heavier frame.

Toya Wright
Toya Wright. (Photo: @toyawright/Instagram)

“After I had my daughter, I was really struggling to find myself again,” she told the audience at Dallas Ultimate Women’s Expo on May 18. “Looking in the mirror was one of those tough things to do because I was gaining this weight. … It was a struggle to get up and get back in the gym.”

Wright, however, switched over to a healthier diet and increased her fitness regimen. She and companion Robert “Red” Rushing also started their fitness and health company Weight No More, which helps with the fight against obesity.

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