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‘This is Peculiar’: Joe Budden Accuses Netflix of Stealing His Ideas, Blasts Charlamagne Tha God for Helping Them

Joe Budden has accused Netflix of ripping off some of his ideas, and he said Charlamagne Tha God had something to do with it.

On his podcast recently, Budden said that Netflix first called him about being involved with a rap competition show, and he gave them some ideas concerning what he thought would work and what wouldn’t.

The company then said they’d call him back, but Joe said the call never came.

But what did come is an announcement from Netflix that they’d be launching a new a rap competition show called “Rhythm and Flow” with T.I., Cardi B and Chance The Rapper as hosts.

The series began earlier this month, and the whole thing has Budden feeling kind of miffed.

“I’m on the phone with Netflix, Jessie and them, telling them what I think was cool,” Budden explained to his podcast co-hosts. “They said ‘All right, we’ll call you back. Thanks.’ Never heard back.”

“I wasn’t angry then, I was perfectly fine,” he added. “Then they told me T.I. had gotten the gig, and I was hating a little bit.”

The former Slaughterhouse member then said he saw that Netflix was putting on a promotional show for the competition series called “State of the Flow” that was supposed to be hosted by Charlamagne Tha God.

Budden has a show on RevoltTV called “State of the Culture,” and he believes Netflix stole the name.

“I’m not that self-centered, and I finished hating already, so I was like, ‘This is peculiar,'” he said. “I said I have a ‘State of the’ show. And Charlamagne knows about that show. And Netflix must know because they called.”

“Charlamagne what the f–k are you talking about Netflix came to you and already had the title of the show?” added Budden. “So what does that mean? If a n—a come to me tomorrow and say, ‘Yo, I got this great idea. We’re going to do the Breakfast Brunch, you and these three other people.’ What do you think that I’m just going to sell my a– for the f–king check?”

And to raise Budden’s suspicions even more about Netflix, the company hired his former “State of the Culture” co-host Scottie Beam to host a “Rhythm and Flow” after show.

“Do I have a right to feel a way because it seems like this Fortune 500, publicly traded company has watched me and thought that something I was doing was beneficial to whatever they was doing and circumvented everything I was doing and then booked a bunch of people and titles that were affiliated to a bunch of sh*t I was doing,” he stated. “Am I living in my head here?”

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