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‘No Chill’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Sky Days Gets Into a Heated Altercation With Taxi Driver in NYC Incident Caught on Video

Black Ink Crew” star Sky Days went bonkers on a New York taxi driver last week after an explosive traffic dispute.

Days, who’s known for her quick temper on the VH1 show, confronted an unknown driver on Friday afternoon after he supposedly cut her off in traffic, TMZ reported. A video apparently recorded by an onlooker, showed an angry Days walk from her car and get right into the driver’s face.

Sky Days
Sky Days. (@flyyytattedsky)

Days instantly berated the driver, yelling, “You better slow the mutherf–k down, mutherf–ker,” while her security guard stood between her and the motorist. TMZ sources claimed he nearly sideswiped the “Black Ink” star’s vehicle by doing a hasty move on the road.

Things took a turn for the worse when the driver yelled at Days’ security “don’t touch me” which caused the two to exchange words. Moments later, Days’ security shoved the outnumbered and much smaller man, who attempted to punch back. The two tango for a second as Days cheered on her bodyguard to “beat” the taxi driver’s “ass.”

Thankfully, a NYPD officer broke up the altercation between the two men and Days and her crew went their separate ways from the taxi driver.

Days addressed the incident via Instagram on Oct. 7, calling the driver “disrespectful.” She claimed the driver hit the vehicle she and her team were riding in and provoked an argument with them.

Sky Days
Sky Days. (@flyyytattedsky)

“The video floating around featuring the taxi driver and I exchange of words is being misconstrued, the 35-year-old reality TV star wrote. “The driver, recklessly hits myself and my loved ones… We attempted a peaceful resolution and he jumped off the deep end which caused me to react. If you know me, my love for people runs deep. In no way shape or form do I think my reaction was perfect. It was provoked.”

Her fans had mixed reactions to the incidents.

“I swear Sky has no chill. Her mouth gone get her a brand new casket…👀”

“I love the energy idc 😭❤️ these NYC taxi drivers need to be smacked up. They drive reckless”

“Well damn she trying to get her friend locked up for fighting bc she got cut offfff????? Fix it JESUS”

“These taxi drivers are a problem so I do agree with her to an extent but she will cause someone to get locked up unnecessarily this is not TV. She better learn from Asap Rocky n Future too 🤦🏾‍♀️.”
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