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‘Magical Baby’: Ashanti Drives the Internet Wild With Her Sexy ‘Ocean’ Picture

Ashanti isn’t slowing down with her swimsuit thirst traps anytime soon.

The 38-year-old singer is apparently still vacationing in Turkey and documenting her travels. She took to Instagram on Saturday and posted a photo of herself in a scanty bikini with long, wavy tresses covering most of her body.

Ashanti shows off in swimsuits. @ashanti/Instagram

Ashanti snapped it up as she posed on a swing suspended over the water of a sea cove. Looking to one side while seemingly gazing at the horizon, she captioned the post “Gratitude is a must..” and “My heart is bigger than di ocean 💙”

She drummed up more than 43,000 likes and a swarm of flattering remarks.

“Magical baby 💦💙you are so beautiful and sexy you are the most beautiful woman in the world 🤩”

“Love that you live on vacation! This is heaven!!! I need a trip to wherever this is! you look amazing 😍”

“Oh you nasty girl 🤤 I am all about that bed swing thing! But you look great bae..”

“Sheesh relaxing while fine 💯👌🏾 hun chillin inna di ocean🏄 seen gud body gal”

The 38-year-old crooner also made headlines again just last week after she shared another hot photo of herself basking in the sun, while visiting the Turkish Riviera in Marmaris. She sexily posed near the shoreline, wearing a blue bottoms and a bikini top that showed off an ample amount of her cleavage and her petite waistline.

Ashanti shows off in swimsuits. (Photo: @ashanti/Instagram)

It’s clear Ashanti’s extremely proud of her curvy physique. During an interview with Buzzfeed in 2017, the “Rain on Me” singer claimed she was learning to embrace her body as is, along with staying in tip-top shape.

“I’m embracing who I am naturally, so I go to the gym and work with an awesome trainer, I work with an herbalist, I do detoxes, I juice,” she said. “I’m heavy with my kales and ginger, it’s very important to be aware of what you’re putting in your body.”

For the day-one Ashanti fans, they can expect a music album coming from her sometime this year.

“I’ve been in studio recording, [I’m] dropping music hopefully later this summer. So, I’m looking forward to that,” she said at the April premiere of her film “Stuck.” She added, “The people want vintage Ashanti R&B, so, we’re gonna give them that — but [with] a 2019 spin.”

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