‘Unbelievable’: Kandi Burruss Fans In Awe That She Still Looks the Same as When Daughter Riley Was a Baby


Kandi Burruss just inadvertently proved that she doesn’t age.

The star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” marked National Daughters Day by sharing a series of photos of herself with 17-year-old daughter Riley Burruss and 23-year-old stepdaughter Kaela Tucker.

kandi burruss
Kandi Burruss with baby Riley; Kandi Burruss with teenage Riley; Kandi Burruss with Kaela Tucker. (Photos: @kandi/Instagram)

“Where my girls at?! #NationalDaughterDay @rileyburruss @kpt__” read the caption of the photo set featuring the reality star’s girls.

Initially, fans gave Burruss props for including both Riley and Kaela, who is the daughter of Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker, in the post for Daughters Day.

“I love how you claim both your girls 💜 It put a smile on my face. Beautiful family!”

“Love you and your babies”

“I love how you always include your bonus daughter 😊”

“RHOA” star’s post, however, did not remain focused on her shoutout to Riley and Kaela. Instead, fans began eagerly remarking on how 43-year-old Burruss appears to have discovered the fountain of youth.

“Ok so since you don’t follow the normal aging timeline I can’t tell who this cute baby is? Riley? Or a new addition?”

“Sooo you just stayed the same okay I get it!!!! 😂😂 #blessed”

“You haven’t aged one bit ..beautiful ❤️”

“That’s unbelievable…you look exactly the same! 😮”

“So we all just really gon ignore the fact that there is no age difference between these pics! Where’s the lie tho!”

“Girl did u age at all ? 😻”

Burruss may appear as if she has always looked the same as the years have gone by, but the star has admitted she’s stashed a couple of beauty tricks up her sleeve.

One of those things, she said to Bravo in 2016, was concealer.

“For my dark circles. I’ve had them since I was a kid,” she said. “People automatically, if I don’t have on makeup, [they say], ‘Oh, you’ve been so tired, you’re not getting rest.’ No, I just have dark circles — and I hate it!”

She also relied on her corset “so that under my clothes [it] can snatch the waist a little bit tighter.”

But the corset may be something Burruss can leave behind now. When she visited Thailand during an anniversary trip with husband Todd in April, the “RHOA” star showed off her taut abs in a yellow two-piece swimsuit.

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