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‘Somebody Check on Diddy’: Cassie Marries Alex Fine in Surprise Malibu Wedding

The surprise is on us.

Pregnant singer Cassie has tied the knot with her fiancé Alex Fine in an intimate Malibu, California, wedding Wednesday less than a month after announcing their engagement on Aug. 27.

Alex Fine (left) and Cassie (right) got married in Malibu in a wedding officiated by Peter Berg (center). (Photo: @ pberg44/Instagram)

The news went public after film director Peter Berg, who officiated the wedding, posted a photo of the pair at the altar on his Instagram page.

“By the power vested in me…. @alexfine44 n @cassie ❤️💥❤️ Long may you ride!” read the caption of the Sept. 25 photo.

Neither Cassie nor Fine has posted about their nuptials on their respective IG pages, but they each left a comment on Berg’s post.

“Love you Pete! ♥️” Cassie said, while Fine left a heart emoji in a separate comment.


While the wedding came swiftly, it probably shouldn’t alarm onlookers. TMZ reported that the couple, who are expecting a baby girl together, obtained a marriage license before they shared their engagement news with the public.

Apparently, the license was retrieved a week before the highly produced proposal video and photos that were created with the help of the Compton Cowboys were unveiled on Fine’s Instagram page. The couple had a maximum of 90 days to head down the aisle.

And now the couple have done it and fans have been sharing their good wishes after the news made the rounds.

“Yayy! So happy for her! Let go of the blocks in your road to love and you will receive your true blessing ladies. I stand by that!”

“She’s an official girl! Yaaaas!”

“Mrs. Cassie Fine💎 that’s what’s up!”

Additionally, many online couldn’t help but remark on the singer’s ex-boyfriend Diddy, whom Cassie dated off-and-on for about a decade before finally calling it quits in October 2018.

“Somebody check on diddy😂”

“Diddy would never!! His loss 👏👏”

“Diddy just took another L for no reason 🤷🏿‍♂️😂”

“Diddy some where crying an dancing at the same time😢🕺🏿”

While fans have remarked on Diddy, he has appeared to remain silent on the matter. However, his followers took the time to check in on him in a Wednesday Instagram post he made of a Cîroc ad featuring his former flame.

“You good, fam? 🤣”

“I just came to check on you because I know you seen your girl Wedding photos.”

“Cuz u good? U know that cassie is married and pregnant right?? Someone check his pulse”

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