50 Cent Reportedly Seeking $100 More From Teairra Mari in Ongoing Attempt To Collect More Than $30K She Owes Him

50 Cent is still trying to collect the money Teairra Mari‘s owes him, and he’s asked the courts for another $100, according to a report.

In January a judge ordered the “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star to pay 50 over $30,000 in legal fees after her lawsuit against him was thrown out.

Fif now says he wants the $100 tacked on to the overall amount, and he also asked the courts to make Mari pay interest on the $30,000, which he says equals $2,597.80.

When Mari took the rapper to court, she also included her former boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad in the suit, who she claimed went into her Instagram account without permission and posted a sexually explicit video of her.

50 then posted a screenshot of that clip, which supposedly showed Mari with ejaculate on her face. In 50’s defense, he said the image of the reality star was already all over the internet when he posted it, which the judge apparently agreed with.

Since that decision came down, 50 has been trying to collect the owed money by taunting Mari on social media and even serving her court papers in an airport back in March.

But Mari hasn’t been backing down, and she told the “Power” executive producer that she won’t give him one dollar of the money. Plus she created the hashtag “#IAintGotIt” to drive the point home and made a song out of it as well.

In July a judge awarded 50 $4,000 in sanctions from Mari, which the rapper sought because he felt she hasn’t been following the court’s rules since her suit was tossed.

50 and Mari’s latest exchange came earlier this month after the singer pleaded guilty to a DWI charge from a June 2019 arrest.

Fif called her “the old drink lady from up the block,” and Mari shot back by posting a photo of herself blowing smoke. “Where you at Curt⁉️ I’m pulling up beloved got something for ya‼️” she wrote next to the pic.

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