Again?: Chilli Deemed ‘Sensitive’ By Fans After She Balks at Compliment About Her Killing Dance Routine at 48

Chilli is once again getting into it with a fan on Twitter.

One-third of TLC didn’t appreciate Bishop Talbert Swan’s tweeting of a video of the star taking on the #captionschallenge back in August with his remark about her age.

“YUP #captionschallenge done n done!! With a rare appearance from my Tronster,” she captioned the footage of her hitting choreography by Phil Wright to rapper Tron’s single “Captions.”

Swan seems to have recently come across the video and remarked, “Yo,
@officialchilli out here moving like this at 48 yrs old. Sis does not age! 😍💯.”

Although the tweet was meant as a compliment, that’s not how Chilli took it.

“Now if I was 84 doing this (and I will be at that age lol) I could get u saying that. 48 is not old,” she said.

The response got lots of fans talking online.

“Let’s be real you know not many people are doing a full dance routine in their late 40’s, t’ boz sure aint.”

“She so sensitive 🙄”

“Menopause is that you??? Sheesh 😂”

“Guh shut up… Cuz at this point u just be talking”

“I was thinking she was gonna take it this way😂🤣”

“But my knees at 38 feel like they’ve walked with Madame CJ Walker and Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad some days, so Queen, THIS IS awesome and you’re absolutely right, 48 ain’t old. 🖤”

“Why not just say ‘thank you’? Every compliment isn’t a backhanded compliment.”

Still, Swan replied taking Chilli’s remark in stride.

“😂😂 you’re right, 48 is not old. I’m only a few years older than you, but, most of us can’t move like we did in our 20s. You’re out there moving like you’re 25! You look awesome! You make 48 look good!”

Chilli also kept things light but also explained why it’s good to feed your body good food. “Lol I gotchu! But that’s why its important to eat right n has to be a lifestyle. U’ll be dancing until ur 100💪🏽”

This is the latest time that Chilli has clashed with a fan over a compliment. Earlier in September, the singer took issue with a college-aged fan who tweeted that she constantly gets told that she looks like the girl group member.

“I get I look like chilli a lot what y’all think ? 😂🌶 ” said the Washington State University women’s basketball player.

“Long straight/wavy hair n similar skin tone doesn’t mean u look like someone. Ur a doll but we don’t look alike:),” Chilli said in response.

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