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‘The Word ‘Black’ Makes People Feel Uncomfortable’: Wale Talks the Importance of Using the Word Black in His Songs

Wale is currently plugging his new album “Therapy Sessions,” and he recently dropped by “The Real” to discuss it.

According to the DMV rhymer, he’s noticed that whenever he drops a song that includes the word “black,” it generates a different response and makes some people uneasy.

Wale said the word “black” makes some people uncomfortable. (Photo: Leon Bennett / WireImage via Getty Images)

“Sometimes I feel — maybe it’s just me — the word ‘black’ offends people sometimes,” Wale explained. “It just makes people uncomfortable. And I think it’s just something that’s happened within the last three or four years. It’s just the word black, when referring to us, it makes people uncomfortable a little bit.”

Wale then pointed to his 2018 song called “Black Bonnie” as an example, and he said that although the reception from fans was strong, he noticed that people reacted differently compared to cuts without the word black in the title. And he said the same happened with his song “BGM,” which stands for Black Girl Magic.

“The Real” co-host Lonnie Love then asked the 34-year-old why he feels compelled to stand up for Black women. It was something she asked right after the rapper talked about Black women not receiving equal pay in the workplace.

“My mother is one,” said Wale about why he speaks up for Black women. “My daughter is one, my daughter’s mother is one, even on my label I see what they go through or like my friends’ mothers what they go through, just how hard it is. It’s already hard enough being Black, but being a Black woman, you got two things you got to be mindful of.”

A lot of people connected to Wale’s words afterward, and they said how much they admired him.

“I love him, I wish he got more attention than what he gets now,” one person wrote on YouTube.

“Respect to Wale for supporting black women. Black is beautiful,” wrote another.

And a third person wrote “Omg, can I please find a man with Wales mentality.”

Wale’s album “Therapy Sessions” drops Oct. 11.

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