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‘I’m Weak’: Steve Harvey Leaves Fans Rolling After He Reveals His Response to D.L. Hughley’s Question About Why He Always Wears a Suit

A recent segment of Steve Harvey‘s online show “Rolling with Steve Harvey” dove into his standup comedy wear that once puzzled his fellow Kings of Comedy star D.L. Hughley.

Harvey explained that his mother always told him that every woman likes a well-dressed man. It’s something he always adhered to and even made his Kings of Comedy show mates Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer and the late Bernie Mac eventually wear them.

“The first year we did Kings of Comedy, they didn’t wear suits, I’m the only one who wore suits,” Harvey tells the audience. “D.L. used to say, ‘Man, why you wear a suit all the time?’ I don’t know no other way to be, dog. People paying all this money to see us might as well give ’em something to look at. Hell, we ain’t cute. The Kings of Comedy wasn’t no pretty group. We was funny as hell, but we was not an attractive bunch. You just have to know that. If you ain’t cute, you ain’t cute. You just gotta come to that s–t.”

He went on to mention that he enjoys having ugly friends, as they’re willing to get into a scuffle with him. Harvey also went on to survey the audience for men who believe they are “not ugly.”

But it was his explanation for why he wore suits as one of the stars of the Spike Lee-directed “The Original Kings of Comedy” film that had social media users doubled over with laughter.

“I’m weak 😂🤣😂”

“Hilarious…I would love this amount of realness from a host…”

“Steve is really hilarious. I think a nice guy too. 💖”

“Ha ha ha ha. Mr Harvey always keeps it real.”

Back when the Kings of Comedy were touring, Harvey was known to wear suits that were brightly colored, baggy or both. But he transformed his dressy style after turning 50.

“At 50, I said I’m going to lose a little weight. I’m going to shave my hair, which I was tired of cutting. And then my suits went through a miraculous change,” Harvey told ABC’s “The View” in 2016, joking that his wife Marjorie told him she was “tired of being married to a pimp.”

He also noted that his spouse, who dictated how he ought to tone things down, “actually told me, ‘Your life is going to change drastically. God is going to take you somewhere. You got to look like you’re prepared to go where he’s taking you.’”

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