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‘Dope Move’: Fantasia Reveals Husband Wanted This Before Getting Married

Fantasia recently dropped by “The Breakfast Club” to promote her new album Sketchbook,” which she’s releasing independently.

Besides the new LP that arrives on Oct. 11, the R&B singer talked about her husband Kendall Taylor, whom she married in 2015 after dating him for three weeks.

After being “American Idol’s” third season winner in 2004 and achieving a lot of success afterward, Fantasia often talked about taking care of her entire family financially and the many stresses that came with it.

But Taylor had no intention of being one of those people in her life, so it was his idea to sign a prenuptial agreement. Fantasia said it was his way of proving to everyone that he was in the marriage for love, not money, which Fantasia said she’s still blown away by.

“He wanted the prenup, and I think that was a dope move,” she explained. “Because he wanted people to know ‘I don’t want you for [your money.]’”

But Fantasia admitted she would’ve married Taylor even if he didn’t ask for a prenup. The two first tied the knot in a secret courthouse ceremony, then had a traditional wedding on their one-year anniversary.

Elsewhere in the sit-down, the 35-year-old talked about first meeting Taylor, and she said he met all of her requirements for a mate. She also revealed they didn’t consummate the relationship until they were husband and wife.

“I had a little small list that I told God,” she explained. “I knew I wanted a man who was going to love me, love my children, love God, be a smart man, cover me, see me, all the things that were on my list, he was that.”

“We didn’t make love until we married,” added the singer. “That was one thing I wanted. I wanted somebody to see me for me, not Fantasia.”

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