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‘And Still Fine’: Toni Braxton Applauded for ‘Embracing’ Hysterectomy Scars

Toni Braxton pleasantly surprised fans perusing Instagram Saturday when they noticed a scantily clad photo of the star. However, a deeper look into the pic and its accompanying caption revealed the signer wasn’t just showing off for the sake of it.

Braxton uploaded a photo to her account Sept. 14 posing in a skimpy set of black panties and a black t-shirt with white details on the front and sleeves. The top was lifted enough to reveal some underboob as Braxton, with her hair in a messy pixie ‘do, captured a mirror photo with her camera.

toni braxton
(Photo: @tonibraxton/Instagram)

“Embracing my WHOLE body…hysterectomy scars and all…@orangetheory making me feel 29 again! 👁 love me some me!” the “I Love Me Some Him” singer captioned the photo she uploaded on Saturday.

Fans marveled at the image and boosted up Braxton for her openly showing off her imperfections in a show of body positivity.

“TONE TEE!!!!!😫😫😫😫”

‘Somebody come get me off the damn floor cause babyyyyyy🤪🤪”

“Ok it’s official, Halle, Nichol and Ms. Toni Braxton! Killin it!”

“Just droped my phone and shattered my screen😭 Thanks toni …”

“Wow! 👏@irockmyscars embrace all your flaws ma.”

“I- I am speechless..”

Braxton has been very public about the need for her to obtain a hysterectomy, which she disclosed on her family’s reality TV show, “Braxton Family Values” in 2011.

“So I have to have a myomectomy and a partial hysterectomy,” she said during a season 2 episode to her family of procedures she needed to get to remove uterine fibroids as well as a portion of her uterus. However, the road to getting there was not easy. However, doubts loomed as to whether the operation to remove part of her uterus could move forward. The worry was due to Braxton’s battle with lupus, which was diagnosed in 2010.

Ultimately, Braxton went ahead with the hysterectomy and myomectomy, and that was captured on We TV cameras. Her parents, sister Towanda Braxton and ex-husband singer Keri Lewis all accompanied her to the hospital for support.

“I think whenever you have surgery, it makes you think,” Toni said in a confessional scene. “And you don’t want to think the worst. You want to think positive. But sometimes those thoughts kind of creep up. So whenever I go there, I have a little bit of anxiety.”

Toni came out of the operation and, after a recovery period, she’s since gotten back on the road and returned to the stage performing for her fans.

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